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How to Use The Browse Tree Guide from Amazon Seller Central

Here is a play-by-play on how to utilize Amazon's Browse Tree Guide to your advantage.

By Seller's ChoicePublished 4 years ago 3 min read

The Browse Tree Guides (BTGs) are required to display your products to a particular branch of Amazon product categories. BTG consists of recommended browse nodes. Recommended browse node is the id of amazon’s category branch. You need to include this in product feed to list your product in a particular category of Amazon.

BTGs contain the rules that uses to assign products to browse categories online. In it, you will find mappings between browse categories and Amazon’s list of controlled terms which will allow your product to surface in those categories.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through on how to obtain a BTG for your product category and on how to use it.

Download The Browse Tree Guide

So let us download the browse tree guide first.

1. Log-in to your Seller Central account.

2. Once you are in, hover your mouse to the Inventory tab then select Add Products Via Upload on the drop-down.

3. On the “Download an Inventory” Tab, scroll down to the bottom and expand the Inventory Files section.

4. Under the File Name column, click the Category-specific inventory files link.

5. You will reach the Inventory Files templates and BTG. Scroll down to the Release Package template versions section and look for the category that matches your product then click the appropriate BTG or Browse Tree Guide on the Browse Tree Guide column.

It will automatically download the Browse Tree Guide. When you open the browse tree guide, you should see the Node ID column, the Node Path, the Query and the Refinement Link.

The reason on why you need to use the browse tree guide is for you to get the exact Item Type Keyword which is needed for your product to show up on that certain search category. Item Type Keywords should be filled exactly as they are written in the BTG, all lower case and separated by hyphens. When selecting an Item Type Keyword, use the most detailed keyword possible as it will inherit all of the attributes of those above it in the same section.

6. There are a couple of techniques in searching the browse tree guide, one is using the CTRL+F (Command+F for Mac) to search for the category. You can also just scroll along the page and look for that certain category that matches your product.

7. Once you found the category for your product, on the Query column, just copy the all the text and the hyphens after the colon “:“.

8. Paste this into your inventory file template under the Item Type Keyword Column. Then do this to all of your products if your products have different product types.

9. Going back to the Browse Tree Guide, under the Refinement Link column, there should be a “See Available Refinements” link. When you click this link, it will highlight the available variation that the product can have.

For this example, oxford shoes, the variations are size and type.

So there you have it, those are the things that you need to know in using the Browse Tree Guide (BTG).

Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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Seller’s Choice is a digital marketing solution provider dedicated to the interests, growth, and profitability of e-commerce brands.

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