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How To Sell Feet Pics on Instagram?

by Aamir Kamal 7 days ago in how to

You can either use Instagram to sell your feet pics or you can use it as a marketing channel to promote your Feet Selling page hosted on other platforms, this is a guide where you learn about how to sell feet pics on Instagram?

How you can sell feet pics on Instagram? a guide for feet sellers to safely and with complete anonymity sell their feet pics / Picture created by the author

Instagram is called the rich-kid app. The app has people who are high earners, and if those high-earners follow you, you will need a better sales strategy to make a lot of money. Instagram is one of the best platforms to start making money by selling feet pics. In this guide, we understand how you can do that and some of the best strategies you should use.

When you talk kinky stuff or stuff that involves sexual things, Instagram is in the grey zone. They allow creators of every sort to create content, but if you publish something that is a bit sexual, they will suspend your account so always be careful about it. On the other hand, you can stick to the content strategy and keep the experimentation lower.

A Guide to starting selling feet pics on Instagram:

  1. Go to Instagram, create a page dedicated to showcasing your feet pics.
  2. Try to upload two or three times every day.
  3. Make sure to add a bio and encourage your fans to message you for custom feet pics or videos.
  4. Use a reliable payment system and charge your fans in advance.
  5. Boom!, you are into feet pics selling business.

Two Ways to sell feet pics on Instagram:

There are two ways through which you can sell your feet pics on Instagram:

  1. Using Instagram as a marketing tool to drive traffic to your page hosted on other platforms.
  2. Using Instagram to sell feet pics directly through the inbox.

We will discuss both these ways in great length to understand the difference and share my opinion about the best way to use both feet selling techniques.

1. Using Instagram to drive more traffic to your feet pics page hosted on other platforms:

The two feet pics platforms where you can host your feet pics are Onlyfans and FeetFinder. Now, Onlyfans is a more general platform where you can find creators of every sort and we have a story about it: How to sell feet pics on Onlyfans? both Onlyfans and FeetFinder are platforms that could help you with getting more sales and making more money. Both these platforms are legit.

But I like a more niche platform. FeetFinder is a platform where you can only upload Feet pics, or if we talk about the fans site then the people who visit the site are only those who have a foot fetish.

Creators on FeetFinder have made over $90,000 last year and it gives you the discoverability or the exposure, unlike Onlyfans. In FeetFinder, you can create a page where people can buy your subscription or upload your feet pics to an album and let people pay for buying those pics.

When you set up your FeetFinder page, now it is time to market your content. Instagram is a great marketing channel you can use. You can embed your FeetFinder profile in the Bio of your Instagram and start creating more content. Whenever someone contacts you regarding feet pics, you asked them to buy your feet pics on FeetFinder. This is how you can use Instagram to sell your feet pics safely and with no worries. You can also create a custom album for people who have some requirements.

2. Using Instagram to sell feet pics directly through the Inbox:

Alternatively, you can also use Instagram to sell feet pics directly through Instagram DMs but there is no big problem with this - People getting scammed for it.

Someone contacted you regarding your feet pics and they asked you to give them some feet pics, you agreed on a price and after getting the order delivered, they simply disappeared. This is why you need platforms like FeetFinder where you can sell your feet pics with complete safety and anonymity.

How to sell your feet pics safely without getting scammed?

Scamming is very common and I have been contacted by many people who told me that they are getting scammed. Some were already scammed while other was just one step closer. These scammers either told you to first deliver the order and then they pay or they promise a big lump sum like $1000 or even more for a bunch of your feet pics. I would say you should charge less than $50 if you are very new to the world of feet selling.

The scammers are also not comfortable paying an upfront fee because they think you might scam them and this is a common strategy they use. But, if someone isn't paying an upfront this might doesn't mean they are a scammer. The biggest strategy in my opinion is to check the person's past activity on Instagram or on other platforms like Twitter.

I have worked with a Google employee for a project (it wasn't about feet pics but something related to marketing) and he didn't pay me anything till the project is completed but I know the person is trusted because he was working at Google and I checked his Twitter history.

When you want to sell feet pics, it is very hard and it might take you a lot of time but using social media platforms like Instagram could help you reach your target audience. I have an article about this on my Medium: how to sell feet pics without getting scammed?

Some tips and tricks to get more engagement on Instagram on your feet pics?

The foot selling market on Instagram is very competitive as there are some creators who are doing this full-time and they have the money to invest into making their feet pics look more attractive. They too have an audience but this isn't bad news but a good one actually. The more the people know about foot fetish, the more people will get interested and this is an opportunity for you too.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you reach more people and make more money selling feet pics on Instagram:

  • Make a dedicated page either with your name or a new one with your first name followed by keywords like Feets, Foot, or anything related words.
  • Upload multiple times a day. Uploading more means higher chances of getting more followers as discussed by Neil Patel in this Instagram marketing guide.
  • Use the proper hashtags to help you reach the target audience. Just because you upload your feet pics doesn't mean you reach the right audience if you didn't use the right hashtags. So always use hashtags like #feet, #feetpics, #footfetish, #feets, #sexyfeets, #onlyfansfeet, #girlsfeet, #feetpictures, #hands, #myfeet, #sexy, #feetpicsgirls, #foot, and related.
  • Use a caption or a description of up to 100 words. It is easy just to explain how do you feel or share a story or something that is related to your feet. It will help you make a better connection with your users or viewers.

PS: How to sell feet pics on Instagram?

You can sell feet pics on Instagram by submitting your feet pics in DMs and then charging money from users or using Instagram as a marketing tool to market your feet pics hosted on platforms like FeetFinder. I would suggest going for the FeetFinder as it offers security and safety to creators like you.

You have to build feet selling page on Instagram and be consistent with publishing more feet pics. You make money when someone wants custom feet pics and then charge them somewhere between $10 t0 $100 based on how popular you are.

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