How To Manifest What You Want by Pushing Through Resistance

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How I Manifested the Job I Really Wanted

How To Manifest What You Want by Pushing Through Resistance

For many of us, finding a job is a challenge. Many factors that may be working against us in our search for employment is geographical location, the opportunities available that are within our experience or training, and our past work history. The overall job market of today is booming with opportunities, but not for everyone. Those of us in awakened state, who have begun the ascension process, have a higher vibration than those who are still "sleeping." While awakening is a wonderful experience, the ascension has its challenges. Some of us are not able to successfully navigate the job matrix, as we are on a higher vibration and make others uncomfortable. In the workplace, this often results in the loss of a job or the inability to find one at all. The answer lies within the discovery of our purpose, the proper implantation of the law of attraction and manifesting experiences rather than outcomes.

Meditation with Focus

Meditating daily allows us to visualize our desirable experiences.

The law of attraction works like this: you attract what you think and feel. That simple. When you feel like you are lacking, without and wanting you will remain lacking, without and wanting. When you realize the abundance you already have then you will attract more abundance. The simplest way to do this is by altering your morning routine, allow yourself time to make a gratitude list each morning. List ten things you are grateful for, it can be the same ten things every day, but try to include one or two new things each day. Read your list out loud, in the mirror. Tell yourself what you are grateful for. Next, meditate on what experiences you want to bring into your life. The spirit inside you does not understand the concept of money. The spirit understands experiences. Focus your meditation on what experience you would like to have in regards to the workplace. Have a clear picture in mind before beginning, always be specific. If the job you desire requires you to answer a phone then see yourself answering the phone, not as you are watching yourself but as you would see it happening while you are doing it. Continue this, include everything you imagine would be a part of a work day in this job. Complete your meditation with the phrase "I am open to receive all the blessings of the universe."

Push Through Resistance

Resistance is something our ego creates as a result of fear or hate.

During your ascension process you will be presented with many challenges, many of which are based in resistance. Since you are awake, with your kundalini energy in full power, you will know that these challenges are yet another experience Spirit wants. When you are searching for that perfect job, or any job as we still have bills to pay, you will encounter resistance. Do not give up, do not give in. In the job matrix resistance happens when you are presented with a job you do not want, while waiting for a call from the job you do want. Do not disregard the one you don't want, it is resistance and you will only hurt yourself if you do not push through it. Progress does not happen by waiting, you must remain active. Accept this resistance and push through it. Fill out that application with a smile. Once you have happily handed it to the hiring manager, the resistance has been destroyed. This opens you for new and more rewarding opportunities. An example, in the last week I have navigated through my own resistance in the job matrix. I filled out so many applications an entire forest may have been destroyed for the paper. The first presentation of resistance, as soon as I handed my résumé to the manager I got a call for an interview, for the job I really wanted! The second time I was presented with the same challenge, I pushed right through and got the call telling me I had the job! Pushing through resistance is the only way to remove it from your path.

The job you want can be yours.

Get the job you want.

You can get the job you want. Through a process including a combination of meditation, visualization, and pushing through resistance that dream job can be yours. Altering your morning routine to include the realization of your current abundant state, meditation to visualize the experience you want rather than the money you want and pushing through the challenge of resistance you can manifest anything. Even a job.

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