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How to make the most out of your business trip in Bangkok

by Aurora Gianna 2 years ago in travel
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Business Trip to Bangkok

Image Credit: Avani Atrium Bangkok

In this contemporary world, every trip has a reason behind it because since time as becoming a precious resource that could not be wasted., Among them, business trips are a journey that needs to be done effectively and efficiently in order to manage organisational resources. Speaking of which, if you have a business trip to Bangkok anytime soon. Here are a few things that might be useful to make the most out of it.

The work timings in Bangkok

The business hours in Bangkok are just like anywhere else in this part of the world, some of the companies work a half-day on Saturday as well, but that is rare. A business meeting is usually not held during the weekend unless it is a special occasion or there is an urgent or emergent need for it. Regardless of which day the meeting is to be conducted when you are in Bangkok, make sure you are always punctual. But remember, depending on the person you're meeting you might not get the punctuality in return. Unlike the people in the western part of the world people in Bangkok do not take long vacations at a go, they usually treat weekends as vacations. Thailand follows a Buddhist calendar and has about 15 public holidays on which offices are meant to be closed. Thus, you might have to take a look at their calendar and realize when and when you cannot conduct business meetings during your trip to Bangkok. These holidays do not recur every year because they are based on the lunar calendar. Once you fly to Bangkok for your trip and settle down in your Bangkok business hotel the likes of Avani Atrium Bangkok, one of the first things you might want to do is take a look at the local calendar before you schedule your meetings if you have any.

Respect and class

The people of Thailand are usually very conscious and are proud of their class. This has been going on for generations and though not everybody follows it, age and appearance will certainly play a huge role when you deal with somebody for the first time when you are in Bangkok. For instance, a western person in a business suit will get more attention and respect. Keep in mind that this is not always the case and if you follow the usual business practices, you will be successful during your holiday in Bangkok. But it never fails to impress someone, therefore, remember to dress smart, be polite and make the other person comfortable the moment you enter the meeting room or the boardroom. Be friendly to everyone and show respect to the people you are doing business with. Knowing a little bit about the Thai culture and their way of life will help you in not offending them even accidentally.

Style of dressing

It is better to be in business casual or business formals when you are conducting meetings and gatherings in Bangkok. For instance, if your meeting is going to happen at an office or a boardroom opt for business formal, but if it is going to be a quite informal discussion over a meal, for instance, lunch or dinner, then you can go for a semi-formal business suit.

Conducting business in Bangkok

One of the main hurdles you will face when conducting business in Bangkok is negotiating as most people in Thailand do not converse in English fluently. Some of the organizations might even have just one person who speaks fluent English and they will have to be your translator and coordinator for all of your meetings. Thus, it is nicer if you learn a few basic Thai phrases before your next business trip to Bangkok.


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