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How to Improve Your Writing with Simple Steps

A common sense approach to becoming a better writer.

By Sam H ArnoldPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
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When I started writing I devoured every article I could on writing. I was desperate to improve my writing and start bringing in some extra cash. One of the myths contained within writing is that quantity is more important than quality. I disagree, quality writing will keep readers coming back to your writing. Too many poor articles and people stop reading, regardless of how many you publish.

Look back on the first article you wrote. The writing on my early articles, makes me cringe. Over time my writing has improved. That along with more followers and a sprinkle of luck has resulted in me making a reasonable second income.

The advice from most writing articles, on how to improve is very similar. These are the most important to help you improve.

Write More

I know that sounds obvious, but it is good advice. Many writers ignored this when they start. This is especially true if you have limited time.

Many articles talk about posting daily. Not only will you gain more followers from it, but you also improve your craft. My writing has developed over the years, to something I am proud of. You can do this too. Write often, whether on your blog or in your journal you will see the improvement.

Keep a Journal

You don't have to be Adrian Mole and chart your life, but keep a journal. Keep a journal of observations. Funny things you have seen. Colour, smells environments that caused a reaction in you. These ideas can be used for future writing projects. Journalling is also a wonderful way of downloading your brain and reducing stress. No one else needs to see this, so to hell with spelling and punctuation, this is for you.

What seems a random connection of thoughts, will provide article ideas for years. The process of starting each day writing a journal will start your writing brain. From here, you can move onto more formal writing.

Join a Challenge of Creative Writing Course

I am not a big advocate for creative writing courses. Mainly because I have started many and finished none. None of the tasks they set me, ever resulted in me writing what I wanted.

Challenges, however, have worked well for me. I have completed the post for 30 days challenge. Currently, I am working on a write for 10 minutes, read for 10 minute challenge. Find a challenge that suits your workload and commit.

This will give you a reason to write and will force you to put something onto paper. Once you have completed 30 days, you will be surprised how easy 60 days are and then a year. Every one of these articles is a learning opportunity to help improve your skills.

Grammarly and Hemingway Editor Improves Your Writing

These are my go to packages. Both are free for the basic version. Hemingway is available on the internet. In contrast, Grammarly is available as an application or on the internet. Both have improved my writing.

Grammarly reminds me of my mum. It finds errors that you would never spot, no matter how much proofreading you do.

Hemingway editor shows you how to write precisely, without unnecessary words. As I sit writing this article now, I know that half of it Hemingway will remove. I tend to waffle, Hemingway controls that. Hemingway Editor helps me construct work that everyone else has time to read.

Write Where You are Comfortable

Again sounds obvious but find a space that is yours and write there. A comfy armchair, laptop resting on your knees or at the dining room table. Find a place that works for you.

I write in my study. My desk has an outlook to my garden, it is light and airy. I surround myself with books and stationery.

Don't have a study, then find a space that works for you. I have heard tales of writing in closets, to writing in coffee shops. Even if all you have is a bag with all your writing stuff in it. Find something, make it yours and write.

Personal Writing Mentor

A personal writing mentor is the most valuable tool to the new writer. A mentor can work with you, on what you want to write They pass on their skills and stop you from making the mistakes they did in the past.

If you have the budget, then a writing mentor can have a huge impact on your writing, in the shortest time.

If you adopt one of these methods, you will see a change in your writing. Adopt all and who knows where your writing will take you. I am pleased with my writing, I have a good following and make a reasonable amount of month. I accomplish something when I sit down. You can start your journey as easily.

Remember the biggest tip of all just write.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this article, please share it and give it a like. As a writer tips mean a great deal to me, so a massive thank you if you send one.

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