How to Get More Views & Engagement on Your Facebook Live Stream

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You Need to know About Facebook Views & Engagement on Your Live Stream

How to Get More Views & Engagement on Your Facebook Live Stream

Facebook live video streaming plays a vital role in engaging viewers online. This will also result in an increasing number of new viewers to your brand. However, you will not be able to get more views and engagement if you don't follow some important Facebook live strategies. The post briefs some of the Facebook best practices, which help you to get more views and engagement to your live Facebook videos. These are as follows:

1. Stop People from Scrolling:

You have to make sure that you stop people from scrolling on Facebook. Facebook is just a massive scroll fest, and all you need to do is just put a title at the very top that says that is if you watch this video, it will be beneficial for you. If your title says to have hope on here and chat with me, then no one's willing to get down there and talk unless it benefits them to take time out of their busy schedule to tune in.

For example, if you use a catchy Facebook title, such as how to recruit 2 to 3 reps in your business. Without looking like a billboard. Or an infomercial and annoying your family and friends. So anybody who tunes is like oh my god I'm going to learn how to recruit two discrete and reps in my business without being a key annoying salesperson. This way, you will be getting a lot of views and engagement of your Facebook live Stream.

2. Don't Wait, Hit live and Go:

As soon as you hit Facebook live, it would be best if you briefed yourself about how your video is going to help lots of people who are tuned in. This is like an auditorium on stage and considering people sit in their seats. You will get more video views if you come in through and reply. They are not merely going to sit and watch you stare at the camera and wait.

It takes seven seconds to grab their attention, and as soon as you go live, they want to see who you are, what your video is all about, what they are going to achieve by watching this video, and the struggle that they are in having. So you can emotionally connect with them.

3. Ask for Engagement:

This step is all about your simple engagement. You need to understand the guys that YouTube favors SEO Facebook favors engagement. If you can show a Facebook Like look, this video is getting a ton of engagement. They are going to boost that into the newsfeed. Before you start anything, you need to show some love to the guys who are watching your video.

You need to shout out these guys and say hello if you are watching, then you need to ask them to reply in the comment section. You are just asking for engagement, and you will engage. You need to understand, like when people say hi, what's going on, and you acknowledge them on a live video. They feel good, and you build a relationship with them instantly and indirectly.

4. Give Em Your Tips:

Know you have introduced who you are, what this video is about. You have given them some engagement. You have to provide lots of tips for people. For example, if you were advising on how to lose weight with a homemade remedy, you can say she is tip number one to make sure you are drinking a lot of water. So that's going to flush out all the bull, and it's going to get your metabolism ruining.

Tip number two is all about eating portion control, and tip number three-move your ass whatever it could be. You need to provide them tip number one, tip number two, tip number three so that they're getting it, and they're consuming it then, after that, you can engage. These make sense if it adds a lot of value to you and gives you the hearts. Also, it would be best if you asked if your tips helped them or not. So again, you are pushing engagement into Facebook, saying this is an excellent video that you want other people to see.

5. Keeps Things Moving?

Wherever you go live on Facebook, you need to perform some task to keep your viewers engaged. You can't keep things moving away from your hands. Live video plays a very important role in engaging the viewers for a longer duration than VOD. Since viewers have lots of options available to watch live videos in their feed, so you need to keep dialing them regularly. If you don't want to lose your Facebook viewers and instead want to increase, you must ensure that you

Adapt Viewers to present situations: You need to change direction or topic based on your viewers' surroundings and responses.

Provide Context: Wherever you go live on Facebook, you can find lots of incoming or outgoing viewers. If you want the outgoing viewers to stick to your live video, then you need to tell them what's going on surrounding quickly. You can provide the specific type of the context to stick them to your live video. For example, two chairs facing each other are an indication of the interview.

6. End with a Call to Action:

This is probably the most important thing that you need. Generally, lots of people skip out this tip. So you've given this excellent value, you've introduced yourself, you engage with people. The last thing is you'd have a call to action that doesn't just tease them.

For example, you can say if you like this video, then you need to ask for likes, comments, and share the video.


If you follow the above best Facebook practices in your Facebook live video, then you will surely get more views and engagements. Facebook live viewers play a very crucial role in drawing massive traffic to your website. Also, you need to make sure that you are creating good video content that will help you attract more viewers. It would be best if you always remembered that even if you have only a few live viewers, then those might be your best followers.

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