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How to Gain More Followers on Instagram

Help your business stand out by showing off your brand!

Instagram can help you make your business stand out.

Instagram can be a very competitive place to show off your business or brand. Why? Did you know that there are now over a BILLION users that consistently use this platform ESPECIALLY for business or brand-building AND besides all of that, Instagram has a very powerful algorithm they use that is ultra-smart that can prioritize posts to you that are relevant to what you truly care about. It was only about a year or so ago beforehand that it wasn't as difficult to gain Instagram followers as it is now. So, how is there a way that one can gain more followers during this time?

In this article, I am going to show you several ways that you can gain more followers on Instagram so that you can build a robust following while you are advertising YOU, your brand, your service, your product and/or your business.

#1. Collaborate with other brands relevant to yours.

Collaborating with others when it comes to building your business on Instagram can be a HUGE thing. If you are working with companies that have a like-minded interest in what you are promoting, this could introduce your profile to an audience that you have never reached before and most of all, it is a TARGETED one. When a like-minded Instagram user discovers you through an interest to co-market with you, they more likely often than not are going to 'follow' you if their business and/or brand is similar to yours. A partnership with another brand can actually increase your reach organically without you having to put out any capital for it.

#2. Post videos on your Instagram feed.

To see it is to believe it in order to grasp the true meaning and reason for your brand/business. Video IS the today as well as the future to drive real business results to your company and this includes posting those videos about your brand/business on Instagram. Videos give your audience a visual and that more often than not helps you in gaining more traction to your feed which will allow more engagement as well as followers. There is a feature that is fairly new on Instagram called IGTV and this is where all of your videos will be posted. You will see all of your videos inside your feed under the 'explore' page.

#3. Promote your Insta content on other social media platforms.

How can your other audiences on other platforms be led to your Instagram page? Easy. Through cross-promotion. If you already own a website on a platform such as WordPress, there are actually website plug-ins available where it can help integrate your Instagram feed onto your own website. You can also add a small footer to your email marketing campaigns which can offer a link to your Instagram feed. This is a really great way to gain more Instagram followers!

#4. Hashtags are key to gain more followers.

Relevant hashtags can assist you in reaching more Instagram users. It’s a true fact. These hashtags have to pertain to your content that you are posting whether it’s a photo or a video. This can help if users are searching for your type of content. If they find you through this direction and they like what they see, they may end up ‘following’ you which will help you gain more users to your posts. If you want to know what are the best hashtags to use for each post you make, you can study your competitors and see how successful they are on the hashtags they use for theirs.

#5. Let the engagement begin!

Conversation or engagement with other Instagram users relevant to your content is the key to gaining followers on your profile and posts. There are more users that like to talk about your Instagram photos and videos than regular text posts. You’ve got to understand that we humans are visual people and we like to engage with stuff like that because we most of the time focus on what we see, not just words on our phone, tablet or laptop. Post some exciting relevant photos and videos and get users to comment back on them.

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Kathy Lester
Kathy Lester
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