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How To Choose The Best WIFI Camera

Wi-Fi Camera

By Amcrest CameraPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Wireless cameras allow you to keep an eye on your house via the internet using Wi-Fi cameras.Sometimes it's not practical to ask your neighbor to look after the house while you are away on vacation. You can install a Wi-Fi camera to monitor the house and make use of technology and the internet for your security.

What is the working principle of wireless security cameras?

Wireless security cameras are similar to webcams, but they can be placed anywhere in your home and connect to the internet via Wi-Fi as well as your local wireless network. This Wi-Fi camera allows you to keep an eye on your house remotely from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It will also allow you to monitor your home from afar, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is being watched.

There are many reasons why wireless or Wi-Fi home security cameras can be useful. Some of the most common uses include keeping an eye on your children, checking on your pets while you're away, and even checking who's coming in. You can get alerts from them if they sense motion.

To prevent anyone else from gaining unauthorized access to any internet-connected device or home security camera, they must be properly set up. There have been many stories about cameras and other devices being hacked. However, most of these incidents are due to the inability to properly secure the router and camera. Check out our Security Tips for Your Smart Home for how to prevent cyber criminals from accessing your home network via your smart devices.

Motion sensing

Wireless security cameras are connected to the internet and take still photos or videos of movement. When footage is available, they will immediately notify you via email or SMS. Many of them can upload videos and photos instantly to the cloud, allowing for immediate viewing and safekeeping.

You can call up live video from your home anytime you want. Most cameras also have motion-sensing capabilities that will notify you by email or SMS if there is an unusual movement.

Wireless security cameras were once difficult to set up and were generally disregarded. Many cameras now have software that allows you to access your photos and videos from any smartphone or web-connected computer. It takes only a few minutes to set them up, and almost anyone can do it.

What should you look for in a wireless security cam?

The camera should include an Ethernet cable, power supply, antenna, and instructions for setting up. These are some things to keep in mind when selecting your camera.


  • Resolution: Is it high definition? This will impact picture quality and upload speeds.
  • Night Vision: Does the device have an infrared LED to provide night vision?
  • Microphone: useful, especially when the camera is being used as a baby monitor.
  • Speaker: So you can speak through it (again, useful for use as a baby monitor).
  • Motion: Can it pan, tilt, and zoom remotely?
  • Is there built-in storage (memory slot) to save recordings locally?
  • Power: Can it use batteries? If so, can it charge rechargeable batteries? Is it required to be connected to mains power? If so, how long is its power cable? Is it able to use power over Ethernet cabling?
  • Networking: Will it work with an Ethernet cable? Or is it limited to Wi-Fi only?
  • Mounting: Can it be attached to a wall? Or can it sit flat on a surface?
  • Expand ability: Can the system expand (and to what degree) with additional cameras, sensors for windows, doors, and motion detection?


Monitoring-How can you view the video via a web browser or mobile application?

  • Motion detection: What limitations and capabilities are there?
  • Alerts: Via email or SMS? You can hear and feel the movement.
  • Image clarity: daytime and low-light quality.
  • Adjustable frame rates: This is useful for changing the quality and file size of streaming and recording.
  • Additional service costs: What are the requirements for streaming with the camera? Is it necessary to subscribe for remote access and storage?

Wireless cameras can be paired with Wi-Fi at home. It may take some time, but we have always been able to successfully pair the cameras that we tested. If you run into problems, you can always find the instructions in the box, in either a manual or in the mobile app.


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