How Technology and Business Make the Perfect Couple

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Technology Causing Innovation in Business

How Technology and Business Make the Perfect Couple


After the advent of scads of global factors such as the internet, at the turn of the century, the changes which took place in the global business scene were monumental. The rate of innovation has gone up exponentially ever since. However, that was a long time ago. The world has come a long way ever since, and the rate of factors such as innovation in the face of productions such as offboarding software and other types of software that have improved the efficiency of the business. These same factors have warranted an erection of a hand in hand relationship of the fields of business and technology. Both fields work together to bring the world some of the most successful business products humanity has ever seen. These include the likes of companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and so on. This article will analyze the relationship between the areas of technology and business and how they both work together in a successful manner to come up with results beneficial for everyone.

Increasing demand

The world has seen explosive growth in population. This high level of increase in the population all over the world has led to a significantly higher demand for products. Also, the world dynamics have changed for the better, in a way that the population living in poverty worldwide has been halved over the past century. Due to this, a significantly higher population of the world is now able to consume products which it previously could not afford. This has led to a significant increase in demand. This high level of increase in demand can only be catered by the use of innovative technology. Also, in order to channel this technology to consumers all over the world, there is a need for exquisite business mechanisms which can aid in this regard.


The essential nature of the field of technology is highly conducive to a seriate flow of innovation stemming from product after product. This innovation has the capability of making lives better, more efficient and effective. However, it is not possible to deliver these innovations to the right people at the right time without effective business methods. On top of this, the promise of huge profits, as a result of effective business mechanisms in place, also acts as an added incentive to the creation of new and better products, as well as services which have the capability of making lives better. This also results in a higher level of innovation and the factor of innovation can be termed as an important link in the relationship between the fields of technology and business.

New markets

The creation of new markets all over the world also acts as a huge motive for business of all nature all over the world to expand. This expansion cannot take place without the innovation at a high level. These new markets are also emerging due to the effective use of technology. Places which were not accessible before are being made accessible to the general population now. The increase in population does everything else. The added incentive of high profits also acts as an important factor here in this case. Hence, the factor of rapidly emerging markets also acts as a vital source of a healthy relationship between the fields of business and technology.


It can be said that the relationship between the fields of business and technology is beneficial for everyone. However, there are also some instances where it can prove to be a negative aspect for humanity, for example, the creation and sale of illegal weapons or highly dangerous weapons such as WMDs. Hence, the relationship between the fields of business and technology needs to be fanned, but at the same time, it must also be ensured that the dynamics of this platform stay within the limits of global ethics and legislation. If not, the same relationship which has literally saved millions of lives can also result in the murders of millions.

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