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How Much Should You Charge For My Nude Photos?

Are you selling your nudes or naked pictures online, here is how much money you should charge from the buyer considering different factors. A Guide for nude picture sellers.

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Photo by Davide De Giovanni from Pexels / How much should you charge for selling a nude picture online?

What should be the right price for selling your nude photos? If you are interested in selling your nudes online directly to someone or using a subscription-based platform like Onlyfans and offering personal requests, how much money you should quote for selling your nudes or naked pictures? I will share everything I know and case studies as well as have some tips to sell your nudes faster and at a higher rate.

If you want to sell your nudes or naked pictures, there are two types of creators; creators or models who are amateur to this which means they don't have the proper tools except for a high-quality camera, you want to be the ones that get less number of the clients and there is a randomness in the number of clients you have. The more professional models that sell nudes or naked pictures are the ones who have either a big following on social media as well as a good number of fans on platforms like Onlyfans or Fansly.

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High price Vs Low-price for selling your nudes:

If you keep a low price for selling your nudes, you might get more clients, if you keep a high price, you might get a lower number of clients but you will end up making more money. Now, this is where you have to find the point where you are confident that your clients are wealthy enough to pay for the nudes or naked pictures.

I would suggest you join Onlyfans as creators to sell nude pictures, one of the things most creators misses the most is that "It is a platform where you make the most of the money through message requests not through subscriptions" Yes, Onlyfans subscription is the first step toward good wealth but you can also make sure that people demand more content (nudes, or naked) pictures of yourself.

How much you should charge for nudes or naked pictures?

I worked with an Onlyfans creator and she charged over $300 for a single one-minute shot being nude and outside. This is how much adult-content creators are making money and you too can make the same. So, how much you should charge for nudes or naked pictures of yourself from someone?

Also, remember that there are a lot of creators who share their nudes online without charging anything, there is a whole subreddit on Reddit with the name of Nude selfies,

There are two things that you should remember while charging someone a fee for your nudes.

  1. How much you should charge for your nudes or naked picture depend upon the factor of how much social influence do you have? if you have big social followers or have great fans base on platforms like Onlyfans, you can charge up to $200 to $300 for a single nude picture or video. The user might ask you to touch a specific part or do anything with your body and sent them a video. This is where you should charge above $200 from your client.
  2. If you are just starting out or having a first client, or someone who has lower social influence or number, it is better to sell your nudes or naked pictures for under $100 dollars. Once you get more customers and have big social numbers, it is time to be charge more.

Pricing my nudes?

There is a great Reddit thread on r/sexworkers where a lot of sex workers have shared how much they charge for a single nude picture, here are the top 5 rates of the sex works stated in the article:

  • I do 2 pictures for $5, some people tend to buy 5 to 10 pictures making me $20 to $50.
  • I do 5 for $10
  • The next comment replied "I charged $20 for one nude picture.

From everything I have researched not even close. Pictures vary between $1-5 a photo from what I have seen with discounts for multiples.

That is how much price you can expect to charge from your clients for providing them your nude or naked pictures.

The price you should charge depends upon the following factors:

  1. Your age: If you are Younger, between 20 to 25, your nudes are worth a lot. People on the Internet could pay you higher, in hundreds of dollars for that. This happened usually when you don't have any nudes before on the Internet. You could literally quote any price, and your client may say "yes"
  2. How attractive you are? This is very important. You might be even convinced with the idea of "Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" I am a subscriber of this idea too but attractiveness is also one of the most important things to consider. The more physically fit and attractive, you could be a more ideal choice for selling your nudes at a higher price.
  3. How are big the social media following you have? The more famous you are, the higher the chances that you will get high-paying clients who are willing to pay higher for your nudes.


You can sell your nudes or naked pictures to someone through social media platforms like Reddit or join a subscription-based platform where you can convert someone into monthly-based subscribers and also let them pay you for a personal request. You can charge from $5 to $300 per single nude, how much money you can charge from someone is based on different factors including your age, how attractive you are, and the social media following you have.

I hope this helps.

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