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How I lost my first job

by Dope Tales 7 months ago in humor


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So let’s get straight into this, As you can see from the title I started my first job when I was 15 so I’m working at a soft play company and these guys would give me the worst hours in the world like you will see in the next part why the hours were so bad. Yeah I get it, I was 15 on £4 an hour, anyway, they called me on my day off to ask me to come in for 1 hour and it was like 4 pm so I was chilling with my friends playing some Xbox doing normal kid stuff, what else are you going to do at that age right.

(Ring Ring) (Ring Ring)

The phone was ringing so I picked it up and it’s my boss at the end of the phone like “Could you come into work for an hour to help clean up” And my stupid ass said, “Yeah sure, I will be there right away”. All professional and stuff, Like you know when you have to be nice to the customers and your boss so you don't lose your job

So I shut off my Xbox, I didn’t even tell my friends like I’m going to work for an hour see you at 8 pm, no my head thought (Yeah let’s make some stacks) like all £50 of it. But as a kid, I thought that was a good amount of money.

Anyway, I run my ass downstairs trying to find my uniform running around everywhere like a headless chicken and I finally grab my uniform and put it on as quickly as I could. I ran my ass to the bus stop which was a 5-minute walk to get to, I get on the bus and travel for what felt like an hour When your all flopping about because the bus has to stop at every bus stop every 10 seconds.

So I finally arrive, I get off the bus and walk to the soft play with my purple top and black jeans as my uniform. I walk upstairs to and messy hair. I walk through the doors and I’m greeted by my shift manager and he says “Great your here, Get started on cleaning the tables, Move the chairs on top of them, And empty the bins” like a drill Sargent.

I replied “Yeah sure” But what I’m thinking in my head (This has got to be slave labor) I am on £4 an hour and he wants me to lift these chairs that weighs a ton for no reason and there’s like 30 of them, So I get on with it, lifting these heavy ass seats on to the table and a customer comes in at the last minute, I’m doing the bins and this woman shouts “Hey kid!, Could I get a coffee to go) we sold coffee at the soft play as well so I was like “sure, Just let me finish this”. So I got to make this lady a drink and give it to her and she wanders off and goes on about her day.

So I found this so stupid. We couldn’t serve coffee or any product from our shop to someone unless they had a ticket for the soft play. So the shift manager or should I say drill Sargent walks up to me and quite clearly states that I am fired and to never return again.

So that’s how I got fired because of a coffee. Stupid right? And I was upset for months until I was old enough to work at…

Well, that’s another tale for another day.

Dope Tales
Dope Tales
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