How I Got My First Job

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What I Learned from It

How I Got My First Job

This happened about three and a half to almost four years ago. When I was just 19-years-old and fresh out of high school. I decided during that time I didn't want to be like my other classmates. I decided to go straight in the workforce. It isn’t that hard to find a job once your 18 and have a high school diploma. But, during that time I had no idea what to expect. I was lucky enough to take a class in high school that prepared me for this. Looking back, I can't believe how important that class was and I am thankful for my teacher.

My mom decided to help me further into looking for a job. So she turned to the local employment agency. That helped her make a career change during the 2008/2009 recession. At that local employment agency they helped me through a couple of workshops and helped me update my resume. They told me that there was a job fair that was happening next week. I was so excited and I though that I was ready for my first real job interview. But, no one ever prepared me for what happened during the interview.

I spent all morning getting ready and practicing what to say. Even laid out what I was going to wear that day. When I arrived I signed in like always and headed up the stairs. My mom stayed back so I wouldn't make a bad impression on my first day of interviews. I had my resume in my hand and there was this lady. Before I begin telling this story to you, I had no car, some college credits during the time and no work experience. So I introduced myself just how they taught. I just said the basic line about myself. But the lady I spoke with was so rude to me and looked at me like I was nothing. Even asked me how I would I get to work in morning—luckily the bus during that time was on time and told her flat out that I would take the bus. I even knew what route to take and how much it cost each time. I even pointed out the window while the bus was just leaving and the interview was over.

I was very nice to the lady, but what do you expect when coming to local job fair.

I found out that no one ever prepared me for a for the interviewer grilling you for not having car and no work experience. Basically, treating you like you are no good and that you can't handle real work. If you didn't want someone fresh out high school with no work experience, you should put up a sign that reads "must have some work experience." It’s not my fault but the lady basically didn’t know what she was getting into. Didn't know who would show up at her kiosk. She basically didn't prepare for this type of setting so don’t blame her or the employment agency.

So, after that whole experience I turned to online applications. After a couple of weeks of filling out job applications online, two called me back. I didn’t go to my first options, because during that time I though I wasn't ready for that type of setting. Instead, I went with my second option. Which was being interviewed for a housekeeping opening at our local nursing homing. This time around I was really ready for this job interview. So my first time being there, I met my boss straight up and she showed me the full building and where I would be working. The second half of interview we ended going to her office which was so small. You could reach out with both arms and touch both sides of this office space. During the whole the interview my ex-boss was so friendly to me and I ended with this job. But during the whole interview I was wondering, "How in the world does this lady work in her office space? Were they trying to get rid of her?" This was straight out of some movie or TV show.

But, after everything that happened I really didn’t care. I was so thankful for getting this job and after two and half years of working hard, I finally bough a used car for myself with my own money. Still to this day, I am okay with not going to college. So after all this happened to me, what I did learn?

I learned that no matter what you prepared for in life, it may not be what you expect it to be. The things you want most in life will take time, and I do mean lot of work, and family will always be there for you along the way. And make sure that even if it’s not your dream job, just make the sure the boss is friendly and willing understand you and willing to be flexible with you, but don’t take it to far.

Happy reading.

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Audrey Walters
Audrey Walters
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