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How I am (Not) making $2000.00 a month on Vocal; I am Getting Something Better Though.

by Brian Pehrson about a year ago in product review
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How I am (Not) making $2000.00 a month on Vocal; I am Getting Something Better Though.
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But for real though, why are we all here? Are you that amazing at writing that you will make $2000.00 a month on Vocal? Do you do this to get your writing out there to get picked up by a magazine, newspaper, or agency? Are you here to get experience? Why are you here…think about that for a minute?

(one minute later)

So, you know why you are here and you are not making $2000.00 a month. Welcome to the club! So, what does Vocal do for you? For me Vocal has given me an outlet and place to publish my short stories and a few articles, more importantly, it has given me something much more important than a paycheck. It is giving me experience in writing. It has given me ideas and feedback. And I love it for that.

You see unless you are the 0.005% of people who are just naturally gifted at writing you need to practice a lot (I'm not in that lucky group). Vocal has given us all a platform to practice our skill, to hone our language in writing, to become the writers we dream to become. And hey, if you are lucky, you may make some money along the way.

I have been on Vocal for a few months now I think and I rode the rollercoaster of excitement when you first join; I am a good writer…no one is reading my stuff…I am a bad writer…. ok no I need practice I am good…. repeat…repeat. You See my wife showed me the site because she wanted me to be able to publish my short stories, I immediately jumped into the who, what, how, and why of it. And I must say I loved it and I still do. The idea and possibility of reaching out to people worldwide and share my writing was just too much to pass up. I signed up immediately expecting hundreds of thousands of people to read my short stories or articles. I dreamt of being featured on the main page immediately! Secretly, I think everyone who posts on Vocal has that dream, to be successful to get their name out there. Never stop that dream. Keep moving forward.

So here I am (not) making $2000.00 a month on Vocal, and that is ok. The dreams of "big money" for writing are why some people are on Vocal and some lucky few make a living off this. I am not one of them. Not to say I have not tried. As of the day this is published, I have one piece published in weddings (my advice for grooms), two articles published in “serve” and two short stories I wrote. And I think they are…. Ok samples of writing at best. I, just like most of you, am very hard on myself when it comes to writing. And we all should be to a point. However, with those five stories published, I have a total of 47 reads. I am incredibly proud of those reads and thank whoever they are for their time. Thanks to them I can officially (technically) call myself a paid writer…all $0.18 worth. Soon I am going to the dollar store.

Like I said, for me, this has to give me an outlet and place to publish my short stories and a few articles. It has even gotten me feedback from other writers. Which is amazing when you are just beginning to write, getting constructive criticism and feedback from people I did not know was just elating! That probably would not have happened unless my wife showed me Vocal. So, am I making money off Vocal? Technically $0.18 worth so far (I AM A PAID WRITER NOW). More important though, I am honing my writing skill, I am figuring out what my language is in writing, I am exploring different types of writing and stories to see what I do best. I am getting experience because of Vocal. I am forever grateful for this company and I will continue to write and hone my skills as I create the outline for a book. I am loving this experience as difficult as it is.

So, thank you Vocal for giving me (and the rest of us) an opportunity to do these things.

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Brian Pehrson

I am a 38 year old retired Army Military Police Officer. I am married to my absolute best friend and the most amazing, supportive and intelligent woman I know. We have three children and currently live in Virginia.

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