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How Good is Medium Writers Challenge Compared To Vocal's

If you're on Medium as well this is a chance you shouldn't miss.

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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This is hard to relate if you've never heard of the platform and if you don't use it at all. Some of the changes that the platform is going through aren't good but we can say that there are too sides to the story.

Some of its changes seem to benefit more writers individually and not publications all together and stuff like that. But, the introduction to the most recent challenge is one of those things that we can consider positive.

Medium introduced recently a writing challenge and since I've participated in very few on Vocal but know a thing or two about them I decided to put together a few things regarding some advantages if any about Medium's Writing challenge and how they may be better than Vocal's.

Any Writer on the platform can participate

Unlike Vocal nowadays any writer on the platform can participate. Submissions are open to anyone and everyone on the platform. On the other hand vocal no longer provides challenges for non paying writers. I don't believe the platform made it public but it's been a while since I've seen a challenge that is open for everyone.

It's a 4 in 1 type of Challenge

Although it is a single challenge you get to choose within 4 topics which is very interesting and more people can relate since we can all write choosing a single topic and still be eligible to win the grand same prize.

4 different writers will have a chance at 10k based on the 4 different topics

The grand prize isn't the only available prize, 4 different writers will have a chance to win 10k each for REENTRY, DEATH, WORK and SPACE which are the four different and available topics that you can choose to write about.

$100 Will be made available for a 100 Writers

So far, apart from the grand prize it is clear that at least a 100 people on the platform will get to make at least a $100 for taking part in this challenge which is out of this world. Knowing that even those who don't get a spot within the top 3 writers on the challenge get to make money was surprising but in a good way.

The grand prize is $50k

I've mentioned $100 for 100 writers (I know not what the terms for selection are) $10K for 4 stories based on the four different provided topics. On top of all that we have 50K as the grand prize which only a single writer will receive.

A lot of people win

3 is what we expect for most contests and challenges that's what most challenges go for. Medium is showing that the rules can be bent, even if it's just a little bit. Unless I'm making a mistake here at least 104 people will have something to walk away with at the end of this contest which is more than satisfying.

The percentage or probability doesn't matter much here, at least not to me but what I consider important is the fact that writers have a higher chance to walk away with something even if it isn't the grand prize which is something to feel great about. Isn't a $100 enough to get a glass of wine? Even if that's all it does it is more than good enough for a celebration.

This doesn't make Medium better than Vocal although most creators see it so but since this is not about the best platform between the two but about challenges what I can say is that this challenge is more appealing than most challenges that Vocal hosts.

More about the Medium Writers Challenge here:


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