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Introducing Subscribe and Why I Think it Came Too Soon

This is almost like 15 seconds of you know what. 15 seconds is a bit too soon.

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Introducing Subscribe and Why I Think it Came Too Soon
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Apparently this was the most requested feature according to Justin Maury and it is finally here. But, I kind of feel like we're missing something and you might already know what it is. I found out I had zero subscribers a few hours before I started writing this that's when I realized this was now an option.

Then I read about it since the update from the founder was in the front page, the title was catchy the info was definitely worth it. So no doubt it is here, and with this you might be asking yourself WHAT EXACTLY IS MISSING?

Quick question

Is it me or we can't tell how many subscribers creators have, apart from our own?

Which is interesting I guess, after all it is not about the number of subscribers one has but readers who appreciate and enjoy reading stories.

Fair enough?

Although in this age of Social Media having more followers usually means your content is great. But, we all know that isn't always the case but the numbers usually define your worth. So why not make that a thing Vocal?

So... What about the comments?

It didn't just take a while for Vocal to finally present us "subscribers" but the feature came in alone. Some of us expected a "combo" here. I really didn't expect this feature to be alone. Where are the guards?

Why I think "subscriber" came too soon

When the ambassador program was introduced I signed up and could benefit from the vocal plus features which I didn't benefit much from. Oh, and I don't mean that I signed up to be an ambassador, my bad.

I used a link from a creator and signed up for vocal plus for a month for $1. So before my subscription month was up quick edits was already a thing for + users the same might happen with comments you never know especially after reading the founder's update:

"This version of Subscribe is just the first of many updates planned for Vocal. In the upcoming months, we’ll be releasing an exclusive version of Subscribe, available only to Vocal+ members. This new version of Subscribe will offer a paid subscription option, as opposed to this free subscription, meaning Vocal+ members will soon be able to offer paid subscriptions to their content. This update will include features that give Vocal+ creators the opportunity to communicate directly with their paid subscribers, create exclusive members-only stories, as well as a more robust, reliable way to earn from your stories each month."

I wasn't too pleased about this part at all. What about everyone else? Does mentioning this future feature for every Vocal plus creator mean the non plus creators won't have "comments"? Will we be forced to pay for comments?

In the name of connectivity between a creator and reader I believe comments and subscribers walk together and it's a path where one doesn't exist without the other.

Creators will obviously use this feature alone for now and it is impossible to prove it as useless I would be lying if I did. For instance I no longer have to visit Justin Maury's profile for updates on the platform and find out what's new for creators because I've subscribed and will get the future posts directly on my feed.

But, I still cannot thank him for coming up with an incredible website and updating posts that he puts together himself, or at least under his name.

It is now a matter of time this is a promise that has already been made, changes have been taking place it is only a matter of time until this feature is made available for every creator to use "comments" I hope.

Not every creator uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tik Tok and even for those who do, having to hop onto a different website to share your views on a post on Vocal is harder to do and not fun at all.

These are maybe features that we could do without but thanks to Social Media lacking these facilitators leaves users incomplete.We don't only want to be heard, but share our views too. I just said the same thing twice didn't I?


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