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Home Based Businesses

by Tanya Rena' Jefferson 8 months ago in career
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A few home based businesses you may want to try for extra cash

Home Based Businesses
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The pandemic has hit the world in a way to allow many to lose their jobs, and simply not wanting to work in public due to the deadly virus. Many are still catching up monetarily from losing their jobs due to the pandemic. Well, here are some ways to make extra money. Are you wanting to have your own business? Are you looking for a hobby that will potentially add to your income? Are you looking for a home business that will allow you to be involved in a community of people that share the the same business interest? Well, here are a few home businesses that will allow you to do just that.

Stella and Dot- Stella and Dot is a company is a company that allows you to sell fashionable jewelry, clothes, and make-up. Stella and Dot provide you with your own back office that allows you to get all the necessary training and necessary business options to run your business successfully. There are 4 starter kits that will allow you to get your business up and running. Once purchased, you will have the necessary information to start your business right away.

Globaltravel- Global Travel is a travel business that will allow you to be your own independent travel agent. This home business will allow you to make travel plans around the world at competitive prices. You will receive an online travel page to allow your clients to book travel, or to call you specifically to handle their travel plans. Once your clients complete their travel plans, you will receive commission based on what travel plans was purchased.

OneHope- OneHope is a wine business that allows you to be an entrepreneur selling wine. This wine business allows you to have the online tools for trainingon your business and training on the different types of wine that will be sold. Have a wine tasting, or sell online with your own website to earn income. Be a part of the "ONEHOPE" community and make income while selling wine.

National Notary Association- Become a Remote Online Notary by being a Notary and Loan Signing Agent. Make money notarizing in the comfort of your own home. First, go to your Secretary of State for your state, and get information on how to become registered as a Notary in your state. After that has been completed, go to National Notary Association to get trained to be a Certified Loan Signing Agent. Once completed, (if available in your state), register at your Secretary of State to be an Online Notary. Once registered with your state, pick a platform that will allow you to be an independent Remote Online Notary. When you sign up to be a Remote Online Notary to be a Notary or Loan signing Agent for that company, they will train you on their platform to be able to have clients call in via online to get their information notarized.

You may also register to personally drive to a clients home or business to notarize a document or notarize for a loan. All in all, it is your choice to be an Remote Online Notary, or get alerts to physically drive to an individual's home or a business. You can also do both, it depends on what you want to do, because it is your business.

Avon and MaryKay- If you are looking for an established company to sell beauty products, Avon and MaryKay are businesses that will allow you to sell their products, and make a commision while doing so. Pick one of their starter kits and start selling. Training is provided with your online office to be prepared to sell your products.

These are just a few businesses that will allow you to have to make money while you work your full-time 9 to 5 career job. You can also choose a business to do full-time as well. All in all, you will be your own boss, and will be able to work your business when you want. If you would like, you can also have a business as a hobby. This will allow you to know the basics of being a successful business owner.

Be sure to look contact a tax professional for any tax questions in regards to your new business.

Written By: Tanya Rena' Jefferson


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Tanya Rena' Jefferson

Tanya Rena' has been a writer for various media sites. She enjoys writing about food, technology, business, poetry, and so much more.

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