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For Grass With a Bamboo Heart

I once read an article called "Bamboo is the highest level of grass" in a magazine, and I still remember it from time to time after a long time. So I would like to write it out and share it with you.

By BobbyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
For Grass With a Bamboo Heart
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  I once read an article called "Bamboo is the highest level of grass" in a magazine, and I still remember it from time to time after a long time. So I would like to write it out and share it with you.

  The article tells the story of a girl who grew up in a remote mountain village, but the girl was born beautiful and intelligent, her academic performance was exceptionally good, and she was almost loved by everyone. Many people lamented the girl's excellence and beauty, saying that she was born in the wrong place, if born in the big city will certainly be a good life for the child. The good fortune of the mountain people is to have a future, the girl herself agrees with this statement, so after understanding, she began to feel the fate of their injustice, so that their own outstanding born in such poverty and isolation of the mountains, she began to loathe everything around her, loathe the loud laughter of classmates and their rustic appearance, loathe their own originally clean mother did not wash their clothes clean ...... In short, looking at everything around her is not good, she felt that such an environment makes her outstanding gray, and faded. So much so that later, no classmates would play with her, and even her own family felt there was no way to communicate with her. Finally, the girl's mother led her secretly crying daughter to a bamboo forest, let the girl look at the beautiful bamboo and grass on the ground, and told her that bamboo is also a kind of grass, but it did not dislike the grass around itself, but firmly do their bamboo, quietly pull themselves up, and finally achieved its offbeat beauty. And after that, this girl changed, and later got into a very famous university, and had a very good job, really accomplished a bamboo dream.

  After reading this story, I was silent for a long time, because such a small story brought me a great spiritual shock. I think the main reason why bamboo is because it has a bamboo heart. Often people will say that the most important thing to live a good or bad life is to decide on a person's mentality, I think such a sentence is very reasonable, too often, it is the mentality of our destiny. Too often, like the girl at the beginning, we have too many complaints about the unchangeable environment that has been predetermined, admittedly, the things complained about do exist, but since they are an innate, unchangeable objective environment, our complaints are not the solution. Just like bamboo, it is the same as grass living in the same environment, it did not make any complaints about the environment but it still grew into a beautiful tall bamboo, because it has a bamboo essence, and we have to do is to let ourselves cultivate the quality of bamboo.

  I can't help but think of another story I read here: The story is about a very successful businessman, I can't remember his name clearly, but his story is very clear to me. The story began on a ship bound for America. For various reasons, the ship he and his wife were on ran out of fresh water and food at sea, and many people died, but he told his wife, we are going to live in America, we must get there, we cannot die, and with the support of this belief, they drank their urine and even ate the flesh of dead people. the boat, only the two of them were still alive on board. Later they started making bread and achieved great success, becoming the famous bread king. At a speech after his success, an American asked him: I am a man who has lived in America for decades, why I have not succeeded while you have achieved such great success? He then called the American aside and took off his jewelry and his clothes just the same, and then asked the American what he saw, and the American said, I see an ugly Asian man. He was right, the successful businessman was indeed an unattractive Chinese man. Then he told the American: Yes, my appearance is nothing outstanding, but the key is that I have a successful heart, even if I take away everything I have now, a few years later, I am still a rich man, and you can not do it!

  Compared with the beautiful girl in the previous story, this bread king does look like grass, but what is worth thinking about is that he has also completed this transformation from grass to bamboo. I think the most important thing is, as he said, he has a heart for success!

  At work, in life, we often hear a lot of people report on life: the leadership is too little attention to their own, the effectiveness of the enterprise is too bad, the people around them are not good, not born in a prominent family so on and so forth, I think such a status quo may indeed exist, and such a status quo is also in the vast majority of people exist, but there are still some people, like us, born as grass people, break through their destiny to grow into I think the most important thing is that they have cultivated a bamboo heart.

  If you don't want to be an ordinary grass, let's stop complaining and dissatisfaction and start to cultivate a bamboo heart!


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