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Focus On the First Mountain

Achieve your goals with the right focus

By Marilen CrumpPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Keep your focus on what you want to achieve and don't get distracted.

The path to success is sometimes tricky and filled with challenges. It can leave you wondering what you can do to quickly manifest the vision you are hoping to achieve. I have pondered this many times and with each major goal I set out to accomplish, I try to keep track of why certain steps are more effective than others.

Try pretending that your goals are mountains that you want to climb. My suggestion is to pick a major goal—One Mountain—and then do a rinse and repeat method.Here are some ways that have helped me get to the top:

1. Take your time in the beginning of any goal.

Compare your options and create a list of why you want to achieve a certain goal.

Why is this mountain better for you than another?

What would you like to see at the end of the climb?

2. Passion Fuels Momentum.

Major goals take concentrated effort. Choosing to go for something that you really would love to achieve will have far more benefits than something you feel you are being forced to do. When you have the passion for what you are trying to accomplish, you will be more likely to persevere when things get tough.

Make a list of why you LOVE this particular mountain.

Celebrate every little accomplishment you have done so far. You are brave for taking the first steps.

3. Beware of the shiny object syndrome.

Distractions come too easily because most of us are conditioned to stay within our comfort zone. Things start to look better at a distance when the climb starts to get more challenging. We then allow ourselves to look around and find reasons why you may not want to continue on your path.

Are you trying to assess another mountain while you are halfway on your original one?

Are you distracted because you don't believe you can accomplish the goal?

4. Stay organized and come prepared.

Map out your steps and gather the tools that you will need to have. Anticipate most of your needs early on so you can be empowered with options when you are under pressure to implement the right actions.

Make a list of tools that you will need to accomplish the goal.

5. Rest when you need to.

It is alright to take a break from going full steam ahead from time to time. The positive aspect of that is that it in can refresh and re-energize your spirit. Be careful that you don't let that rest become a setback, especially if you let it stop your momentum completely.

What can you do to relax?

How much time will you give yourself?

6. Use the guidance of an experienced mentor.

Someone who has been there done that can be a great asset when trying to achieve a goal that is above your current skills and knowledge. A great mentor or coach can give advice on how to avoid certain traps and they will encourage you when you need it most.

Who do you look up to and are they willing to mentor you?

List some questions you have for your mentor.

7. Getting to the top is achievable.

Reaching your goal is a process and anything can be achieved with the right commitment and focus. You reach the top of the mountain through dedication to that path.

Keep track of your progress and create notes to give you a similar road map to achieve another goal... to climb another mountain. You will find that once you have gotten through one major milestone that you will have more confidence to conquer other dreams and goals.

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Marilen Crump

Sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to create community. I'm grateful for any opportunity to help people realize their gifts and potential. True wealth is in experiences gained from a new outlook and the beautiful memories it creates.

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