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Five steps to becoming a Successful Writer on Vocal.

by Ciarán Coleman 2 months ago in advice

A five-step guide to doing well on Vocal.

Five steps to becoming a Successful Writer on Vocal.

Vocal is a great site for writers for numerous reasons. There are few other outlets as accessible, friendly and easy to get started with, not to mention free, out there today. It's the perfect place to practice your writing skills and see what niche's you thrive in before starting your blogging/freelancing career, but it can also be a great way to get a little cash on the side.

That being said, only a very small percentage of people are successful enough on Vocal to get any substantial amount of money, and even less regularly get into the hundreds, so if you're looking to make a quick buck this probably isn't the site for you.

However, if you're willing to put in a little work and be a little patient this is just the article to help you get your first Vocal paycheque.

Five steps to becoming a successful writer on Vocal.

1. Be Consistent

I'm afraid the honest truth is that your skills as a writer, though important in the long run, simply do not matter if you aren't consistent. It's exceedingly rare to get a breakout story on Vocal without first having a few articles under your belt.

The algorithm favours perseverance with your stories and that means struggling on through stories getting 3 or 4 views. If you're hoping to get any decent amount of views or money, you have to write consistently.

2. Watch your Stats

It's important to keep a good eye on which stories are gaining the most views and to capitalise on them to the best of your ability. If your stories are meandering for over a month and not gaining anything past the single digits its probably best you rethink a few things.

Ask yourself if your niche is profitable and if so, are your stories at a high enough standard. Maybe your titles need to be more eye-catching and direct? Try out different things and see what works. Evolving can be hard but it will only benefit you in the long run.

3. Offer something unique

It's exceedingly difficult to get anywhere if you are posting the same content as thousands of other writers, even if your standards are above average. People will rarely read your opinion pieces or reviews unless they offer them something interesting or new. Ask yourself this;

If I was browsing the internet and saw my article, would I really click it?

And if so, why? Holding peoples attention is incredibly hard nowadays so think about the stories that grabbed your attention and peaked your interest. What can your review of 'The Terminator' offer that the hundreds of others don't?

This can be a hard reality to face but one you will have to if you intend on getting that first paycheque; no one cares. People want to be entertained and learn something interesting and new, so try to include something unique, not only in your story, but in your title too.

4. Presentation matters

Vocal has a simple and easy-to-use interface which is excellent at keeping the site looking fresh and tidy but results in a lack of identity for most people's stories. With each article having an identical font, your story really needs to pop off the screen in other ways.


  1. Use Capital letters effectively. Don't underuse or overuse.
  2. Never, EVER, use a photo that isn't HD or decent quality.
  3. Utilise an aesthetic, preferably one with bold colours, to attract people.
  4. Include lists or direct information in your title, eg. "How to...", "5 reasons why...".

Now that you've got their attention how do you keep it?

  1. Use photos regularly throughout as they add more life to your story.
  2. Add a paragraph every three or four sentences to add more structure.
  3. Stay true and make sure you deliver on your title.
  4. Spelling and grammar mistakes can often slip by on Vocal so make sure you double check before submitting for review.
  5. Include lists, if possible, to peak the reader's interest
  6. End your story strong and make sure all questions raised are answered

It's important to remember that a clean and aesthetically pleasing layout's job is solely to compliment your story. Don't get carried away and lose the point of your story. That being said, a neat format for your article is a necessity. Nobody will bother leafing through the minefield of a messy layout. Keep your presentation tidy and consistent.

5. Push on

I won't lie, seeing the stories you've worked hard on fail repeatedly really doesn't do any wonders for your self-confidence. Poor responses to the stories you're passionate about are particularly disheartening. And, make no mistake, this will happen.

More than likely, the stories you are least passionate about will end up doing the best and it can be tough to put your own interests aside to serve your audience and gain the views you deserve.

Stay strong. Even if you work out a system of 1 story for me, 4 for them, you are still giving your new found audience the respect they deserve while introducing them to your own passions. They will be more appreciative than you think and over time your passion projects will garner more and more views.

Be prepared to face a lot of disappointment but remember, everyone has to start from the ground up. Respect your abilities and give yourself the chances and time to grow that you truly deserve. Most importantly, don't give up.

And there you have it. Five little tricks to become successful on Vocal. It won't happen overnight but, you know what, you can do it. Be persistent and house a consistently high standard in your stories and soon enough you'll get that first, glorious paycheque.

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Ciarán Coleman
Ciarán Coleman
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