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First Day Freak out

by Tracy Lynn Boyd 3 months ago in humor

lesson learned

Today so happened to be Jessica's first day at her new job as a clerical assistant. Jessica was setting up her new office with her family pictures and diploma on the wall. Jessica was having a great sense of pride when her Mother also called her on her office phone to congratulate her on her first new job and tell her how very proud she was of her. Jessica was on the phone and did not hear this is a test over the PA. and knew nothing of this routine fire drill.

Alarm! Alarm! Please exit down the aisle, follow the yellow arrows outside of the building. Alarm! Alarm! Please exit down the aisle and follow the yellow arrows to the outside of the building, Alarm! Alarm! Please exit down the aisle, follow the yellow arrows outside of the building. Alarm! Alarm! Please exit down the aisle and follow the yellow arrows to the outside of the building. Jessica tells her Mom "Mom! I have to go! There is a FIRE! " Jessica Very hastily hangs up the hall and enters the office hallway.

All employees start to line up in an orderly fashion; this is a routine occurrence. Once every month at a random time, so no one knows when it's coming. It does good practice in case of a real emergency. Jessica does not know this, and HR did not make her aware of any random fire drills.

Jessica runs into the hall in a panic; oh my god, a fire! A fire! Everyone is looking at Jessica crazy as hell; what is wrong with this woman? There's no fire. Someone then asks who is she really? I have never seen her before! That's is when someone shouts, "I think she has started a fire; it's a real fire. I can smell it, can't you?" Two more people standing in line start to yell... I got to get out of here; I don't want to die. As they begin to barrel down the hall towards the big grey steel door at the end of the long narrow hallway, other people look to see them and begin to run too, and all chaos starts to occur.

Even though staff knew about their routine fire drill every month, it only took one person to start panicking and create a domino effect. When you see one person run, you begin to run too. What is a person to do? Stay calm; I think not there is a fire did you not hear!

One by one, all the people ran towards the door to get outside, luckily there are only about one hundred sixty employees in this organization, and only twenty were on this floor. There was no room for everyone to get out at the same time. Beth pushed Tim, Tim shoved Chris, and so on and so forth. They pushed, pressed, and trampled each other, at the thought that they would die in a fire and not actually realizing the state of affairs going around them.

Bruised and battered, and moans heard from the background. People made it outside alive and well, not worse for wear, including Jessica. Everyone standing around trying to take care of each other being more of a helping, nurturing people, now they felt out of danger. Jessica soon realizes that she has made a big mistake of assuming there was a fire when she hears someone from in the crowd yell! "where's the fire truck? "Where is the police? Yea, and better yet, where is this fire? (Loud screech) This concludes your monthly fire drill. Please resume your daily activities. Everyone began to look at Jessica and say, welcome to your first day and start laughing and patting her on the back to let her know there are no hard feelings. Jessica apologized to everyone in the office and swore to make it her duty to inform new. Employees of the random fire drill if the situation was ever to come up again.

From that day on, new employees were never again hired, on the day of fire drills, now called "Jessica freaks out Day."

Tracy Lynn Boyd
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