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Finding a 'Normal' Job in Today's World

by Diamond C. 11 months ago in humor

So... who would've thought it'd be so difficult to get a job, eh?

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Okay, maybe plenty of people knew that. And to be fair, I kinda knew that was the case? But also kinda not?

Let me explain.

Now, for those who aren’t aware, I didn’t go to college. I have some very… strong things to say about the American Education System, and to keep things short… just know that I am not a fan. So, having made the decision to not go to college, I am now actively searching for a job and it is… both as just as arduous as I thought it’d be and somehow more.

You see, I’ve noticed this very odd phenomenon where companies put out job offers on multiple sites proclaiming their interest in seeking new employees, right? So, you apply for the job — filling out the application, answering all the survey questions, blah blah blah — and you decide to wait it out to see when you’ll get some kind of response.

And what happens?

Weeks pass by…

… and you get no response.

So, you roll your eyes at the whole thing and don’t let it get to you and decide to apply to another job.

And another.

And another.

… And another.

And guess what? Another!

And what’s the outcome?

Never getting a response — whoo! (Which is hilarious as you see the job opening still up and available, yet they never give you the callback. A wonderful ego boost, huh?)

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Now, to be fair, I am pretty picky with the jobs I pick. Anything involving fast food or grocery stores? I avoid it like the plague. (Ooh, too soon?) Why? Well, I’m not exactly good under pressure and around big crowds. And as someone who, ahem, enjoys fast food, I have been made witness to how busy things can get and how hangry people can get. And it’s — it’s a lot, honestly. I get second-hand anxiety just seeing how stressed some of these people get. And big crowds? That’s pretty self-explanatory, I think. It’s a grocery store, having a whole bunch of people in it at once is kinda the universal vibe.

So, I stay away from job openings like those. (Which is actually kinda funny because I once applied — pretty early on in my job hunting — to two grocery store positions back to back not expecting a response. And literally, less than 2 days later they’d both reached back out to me looking for a potential interview. Bonkers.)

And you can pretty much guess which jobs that leave.

That’s why I am a bit less ‘woe is me’ about my own lack of progress in terms of jobs as I am partly responsible for locking off a pretty substantial part of the job market for people like I who aren’t gonna spend however many years in college. (And yes, I also don’t apply to restaurant jobs. I don’t do factory work either.) But, I have zero plans on changing my mind about my decisions as one, I know me best. I know what I can and can’t do and this is something I have to just work with. Two, I’m not going to lower my own personal standards and desire to just apply to every job out there and just blindly accept something that I know will make me unhappy.

Sure, it means it’s taken me longer to find a job than I’d like. (Maybe it’s the norm for people like me, who knows?) But, it also boosts my chances of finding a job that I’ll hopefully like — or at least be able to stick with for longer than a month without wanting to punch someone in the face.

I always knew that to find a job with these qualifications wasn’t going to be easy, I was never that naive. But, it is definitely a rocky process. My best friend is in college and the biggest worry she has alternates between school and boys. My boyfriend? Somehow managing to pull off advanced classes AND a proper job. And here I am, sitting over here with $9 in my bank account left behind in the metaphorical dust, so to speak.

I am logically aware that I’m doing fine. I know that I’ll find a job at some point and that I’ll feel better once I have some form of stable income. (I love writing to death and can’t wait for the day to come where I can live comfortably off of it but, let’s be real. That’s not happening anytime soon.) It’s just hard not to compare yourself to those around you, ya know?

So, sometimes I need to just take a few moments to calm my own nerves about it all.

  1. My mom is super supportive. She’s seen me want to tear my hair out about these jobs and has been there for me every step of the way.
  2. I’m trying to find a job, that’s the most important thing. I have plans to invest as I go along and put a hard budget on myself each month. I have plans to save up for my own place as well. (Although I’m in no real rush to do so as I’ve never been one of those people in a huge rush to leap out into the adult world and have their own stuff. I’m cool waiting until I’m financially stable and comfortable, thank you very much.)
  3. I’m only 19. I graduated high school last year and am already putting things in motion to pursue my dream. What more could I really ask for, being me?

I just remind myself of these three things and I’m usually able to pull myself out of my own fit of self-pity long enough to get back to, ya know, life.

I think the hardest part of finding a job is not settling. It’d be easy to just apply to a whole bunch of random jobs and accept the first one that calls you back. But, what’s the point in working a job that makes you not want to get up every morning? That makes you miserable? That makes you feel like complete crap and for what? A paycheck? I understand the desire for money. Trust me, as a recovered shopaholic, I completely understand. But, you can’t settle. I can’t settle.

I don’t necessarily have to find my dream job but I can’t just pick anything, ya know?

So, for right now, I’m still looking. It’s… it’s a process, lemme tell ya. But, I’m not giving up and that’s the most important thing.

How do you find a ‘normal’ job in today’s world? I have no idea. I’ll let you know if I find the answer, though.

Diamond C.
Diamond C.
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