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Financial education is the path to financial freedom

A short story, a real meditation.

By Cosmin ChildPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Financial education is the path to financial freedom
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Only now do I feel that spring has come to Romania as well. Until recently, we regretted February, which was more springy than March.

Today it was over 20 degrees in Bucharest and today, normally, I had a full day’s work. It’s Monday, perhaps the most hated of the 7 days of the week.

Today at 15.00 I go for a walk in the park with my girlfriend. I really enjoyed a sunny Monday afternoon as I once dreamed, before I became financially independent, when I was still a corporate member, to be able to go out for a coffee on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon, without worrying about the clock.

Coincidentally, today I was a little worried about the clock because from 19.00 I had a webinar to present. But that didn’t bother me at all. I set my day and time in advance, the topic I had to present. It was my choice to put on the webinar on Monday at 7 p.m.

Today was no exception, it is a way of life. The option to take my free afternoons whenever I want, or free weeks or even, during the summer, free months — this is the real wealth.

It’s so sweet that I don’t have time to get a new fit car or expensive watches or other things to show off my wealth. I don’t have time because I’m too busy living the real wealth I have: the freedom to live the way I want, to live my love affair, to enjoy my vacation. I never get tired of these and I can’t imagine how anyone else would choose not to do everything humanly possible to live their freedom.

The most important form of wealth is freedom

Nothing compares to the freedom to live your life according to your own values, preferences, and principles. All the luxury in the world is fading.

I think many people are too busy posting their wealth (which often doesn’t even exist materially) instead of working to achieve true prosperity.

Because today, here in Romania (or the EU, the USA, or other countries where we have peace and democracy), prosperity can be obtained quite easily. We are really lucky to live here and not in other parts of the world where people’s dreams and aspirations are shattered by tanks and bombings. Yes, we should be truly grateful that here, where we are, our aspirations can come true.

And what does money have to do with freedom?

Well, money is not everything, but that is where freedom comes from.

A man who is constrained by money or constrained by his own harmful habits about money will always be a slave to money.

I know it sounds harsh but I see it all around me. Maybe there are “enlightened minds” who can live and prosper without money, but the vast majority of people end up massively limiting their potential, time, and aspirations because of money.

The good news is that today it is much easier to reach a sufficiently high level of prosperity so that you can still be financially free and free to live your life the way you want.

Never in human history has it been easier to become financially free. Most of the time this was impossible. You were born a peasant and died a peasant in your own or someone else’s fields. But now any man, from any family, through determination, work and education can get to live the good life, the ideal he dreams of.

All this can be done today, but only with the help of quality financial education.

Financial education gives you freedom and this is the most important form of wealth.

You can be professional, relational, and have iron health but if you do not know how to manage your money well you will still have a life full of shortcomings, frustrations, and anxieties related to the material part.

Without financial education you will be:

• Easy lying;

• Easy stealing;

• You will not enjoy a good part of the fruits of your labor;

• You will have nightmares related to bankruptcy, deficiencies, losses;

• The things you want will seem expensive to you;

• You will be on schedule, available to others;

• You will be deprived of personal and professional options;

• Others will dictate where and how you should spend your time;

• Lacking hope that things will ever change.

Real wealth is given by the options you have in life, not by the cars and villas you have. The latter is only optional but not essential.

The idea is that financial education is not simple — it is, first of all, a certain mindset and then quite simple knowledge but spread over several areas.

Stay close to learning the road to freedom.

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