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Finance Lobby Helps Lenders and Brokers Seamlessly Switch to Online CRE Financing Marketplace

Finance Lobby, whose leadership recently announced that the company’s online CRE financing marketplace has more than 4,000 lenders, is showing that a simple idea backed by powerful technology can disrupt an industry.

By Dawn WellsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Finance Lobby, whose leadership recently announced that the company’s online CRE financing marketplace has more than 4,000 lenders, is showing that a simple idea backed by powerful technology can disrupt an industry. “When we started the company, we were determined to give CRE brokers and lenders more efficient tools to do their jobs than their phones,” says CMO Kelly Wagman. “That led to our platform, which cuts through all the irrelevant deals and connects commercial real estate professionals with each other quickly and easily.”

Kelly explains that one reason Finance Lobby has been successful is because most people, even those who remember the days before the Internet, are used to navigating online platforms. “That familiarity has definitely helped,” she says. “It seems like yesterday that people were skeptical about booking a flight online or even doing their Christmas shopping on Amazon. That’s obviously not the case anymore. All of us have shifted to the digital era, and that means using Finance Lobby’s CRE marketplace platform is that much easier.”

Another secret to the simplicity of using Finance Lobby’s CRE platform lies in its intuitiveness. “We have kept things uncomplicated,” Kelly confirms. “Everyone knows how frustrating it is to use technology that makes you jump through screen after screen to get to where you want to go. We have designed our platform so that brokers and lenders encounter a minimum number of screens, and the information on each one is logically laid out.”

Lenders can establish their lending criteria in their settings. “This is enormously helpful,” says Kelly. “Think of all the times you’ve had to repeat yourself over the phone or write out the same terms again and again. With Finance Lobby, your criteria is set, and you never have to revisit it again unless you want to change it, which is easy to do.”

Lenders also receive vital information including rent roll, income, and expenses; the sponsor’s financial information; and any relevant details about the deal. “It is all presented in a clear cut way that is easy to manage,” she explains. “It is designed to make the workday of a commercial real estate lender a lot easier and more streamlined.”

Brokers enjoy the same simplicity. They can submit their deals through a process that is quick and helps thousands of eyes to see each loan request. “What is especially great about this is that the lenders who respond will be those who match your terms,” Kelly continues. “You can communicate directly with them without having to pick up your phone, unless you want to, of course!”

Finance Lobby, she says, was born out of a desire to revolutionize an industry that was full of highly qualified professionals who were hindered by an old way of doing business.

“I think sometimes that the best developments come when we refuse to accept the status quo,” Kelly reflects. “We had become used to the endless back and forth in the CRE space and accepted that it couldn’t be changed. Our team decided to believe otherwise, and today our CRE financing marketplace is proving that there is a better way for CRE brokers and lenders to connect with each other and find the perfect deals.”

Kelly says that customers continue to be satisfied with Finance Lobby. “It is because we found an easy way to connect a CRE broker in Miami with a lender in Omaha without either one having to do tedious research to find the other,” she states. “This is huge for the industry, which in 2022 alone is projected to hit $202.6B in revenue. With so much potential for increased productivity with Finance Lobby’s platform, what will 2023 bring to the commercial real estate space?”

For more information about Finance Lobby, please see the company’s website at or contact it at [email protected].


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