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Facebook or Bust

How to Effectively Use Facebook for Good, NOT Evil

Facebook or Bust

Facebook can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It all depends on how you approach it.

We all have crazy, busy lives and social media can be the biggest time sucker of them all. I know there have been times when I’ve sat down to check out a recipe or a friend’s contact information, looked up at the clock and realized that 2 hours had passed... and I can’t remember why I was even on my tablet or phone. So how do you effectively get new prospects or customers without spending hours in front of your screen and away from your life?

There is to be another way to maximize your efforts, without losing yourself in the social media trap… and I’ve found it!

Less is More

What did I say?

Social media systems work if you work the system (or so they say). All network marketing companies are swearing that social media is one thing that can make your business soar. They have their “no fail” method to get you to the top. All you have to do is use them all and use them frequently. More isn’t always better. It’s like you are chasing your tail, trying to remember what you posted and where you posted. Then try and cultivate all the people that liked or commented and keep who you spoke to and which resource you contacted them through??? Yikes, it is just way too complicated. Focus on one or two, perfect them, and reap the rewards.

Posting Things in a Way That Doesn’t Feel Authentic or Comfortable

Typically females are driven by emotions. Males tend to focus on structure. I’m not saying that this is a universal truth but it does speak to the majority of people. I love my structure but I also know that I am emotionally driven... just ask my kids!

It is for this reason that posting recommended by the companies we work with doesn’t come off as genuine. We struggle with the inauthentic nature they tend to encourage. I’m not comfortable with pushing my product or opportunity 24/7 on my social media pages. I am way more capable of showing my life and how it is for the better since my company came into my life.

Spending All Your Time in Front of a Screen Cyber-stalking Everyone in Your Circle Instead of Spending Quality Time with Friends and Family

A big WHY for most people in this industry is to stay at home more so they can spend more time with their loved ones.

Think about how much time you are spending in front of a phone, tablet, or computer screen. “I’m just checking my email,” “I wonder how many likes my last post got, I should check,” or “He just commented positively, I should respond right away before he loses interest,” are brief moments but they all add up in a day. I am positive the chiropractors and massage therapists in the world are just watching the money roll in from people coming into their offices because they are constantly looking down and straining their necks! Many times when we have our heads down doing these things, we are missing the moments in our lives that we wanted more time to enjoy.

When you learn to use the systems in a way that is adapted just for you, you’ll stop obsessing and start living!

Stop the Madness

  • Quit looking down and start looking ahead to your future!

The need to constantly be surrounded by technology and the networks they create can be crushing to your soul. We all have smiles but no one is happy. Stop looking down at your screen and start to see the beauty in your life. Now take that beauty and translate it into success for you and your business through focus and skill.

  • Blind Leading the Blind

When you are always looking down, it is hard to see the future. Always feeling like you need to check on things or add some new and exciting product to your friend's list isn’t exactly the life you were looking for when you came into this industry. Go back to your happy place and use those moments to truly demonstrate how amazing your opportunity is through showing not telling. More people will be attracted to you than your opportunity and product so let yourself live life!

Using your daily happenings to expand your business will make it more luring for your Facebook friends. When you are using what you are doing to live a better and happier life to draw people in, they see you as authentic and true. This is what will draw customers and recruits to you like bees to pollen. When you stop cramming your products and opportunity in someone’s face, the universe will send you more people who are curious or jealous... and that is exactly what we all want!

  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Focus is the biggest key to success on Facebook. Follow some simple golden rules and you can be effective without damaging your free time. You have the opportunity to turn Facebook from your biggest time-sucker into your greatest asset.

We need to talk...

First things first, we need to chat about what NOT to do.

Avoid these common mistakes:

Do not constantly post about your business opportunity or product!

People are on Facebook to snoop, not join or buy. They want to check out what you are doing and who you are doing it with... or they just want to kill some time while they are waiting in line at the grocery store or for the dentist to call their name.

Don’t buy into paid advertising.

This just gets in the way of people trying to snoop or watch the next cute kitty video. If you annoy them, they will stop checking your page out or unfollow you... and we DON’T want that!

Please do not post 50 times a day.

That may be a bit of an exaggeration but I’ve seen it and so have you! Flooding their timeline isn’t the way to get their attention. It’s about quality, not quantity.

So let’s talk about what that quality should look like:

The number one thing you need to do is update your profile.

It needs to appear professional but inviting. The profile picture of your children or pets is cute, but it doesn’t allow the person checking out your page to get a personal connection with YOU. Let’s be honest, you are what people buy when they become a customer or recruit. Polish up those pearly whites and get a great, professional looking selfie up there!

This also goes for your cover photo. I find that creating a 3 or 4 picture collage for the cover background is effective. It demonstrates the many facets of your life. Be selective but this is where you can get a bit more creative.

Take the garbage out.

Remove any political posts, family feuds, and negative comments from your page. You get more flies with honey, not vinegar. A opposing political opinion or bad mouthing your cousin’s choice in marriage will eliminate people that are willing to be a part of your business so just keep it off your page.

Use your posts to create curiosity.

When we flood our page with stock photos, videos, and sales, it overwhelms the reader and leaves nothing to the imagination. It is in our nature to be curious, which is why social media is as huge as it is, so work that to your advantage. Posts need to spark their interest. Curiosity killed the cat but I guarantee it has also recruited more than one person into your organization.

Follow up with likes and comments.

This doesn’t mean you should launch into recruiting or selling on the first message. Say “thank you” first. Then ask them a generic question you know they will answer. Start a conversation. Get more information about this person without making it seem like the Spanish Inquisition. When you have a bit more of an idea about one or two of their goals, problems, or aspirations, you have the ammunition needed to bring them gently into world. This is the part that takes a bit of time but it will be worth it in the end!

Keep your eye on the ball.

The conversation is crucial but so is the record keeping. I know that some of you just winced/cringed at the sound of that... but it is a necessary evil. My business didn’t truly take off until I started tracking people and conversations. It works when you take the time to do it. I use paper and pen (I know, old school) but feel free to use whatever system you are comfortable with... just have a system and use it.

One Last Thing...

Facebook Live

Going live on Facebook is very scary for many people. Personally, I just did my first one the other day and it’s not bad once you get going. People are worried that they may say the wrong thing, forget stuff, stumble over their words, etc. Those things may happen but it is OK.

So why would you want to put yourself out there like that? There is a BIG reason... Facebook highlights when you are on a Live video stream. It goes into people’s news feeds at a higher priority than just a written post. More people are informed when you are live so you have the opportunity to reach a bigger audience. When you are speaking to people, it also gives them an opportunity to see the passion and excitement you have for what you are doing!

Here are some quick tips for rocking an awesome Facebook Live:

  • Write down some bullet points and stick them on your screen by your camera (not over your camera, of course, but close). This will help you stay on topic and you won’t always be looking down at your notes.
  • Do your hair. Or if you haven’t got any, make yourself look presentable. You don’t need to go all fancy but make sure you look professional and clean.
  • Be careful with what’s behind you. Make sure that you have a pleasant but not distracting background. Also ensure that you don’t have a lot of background noise so that everyone can hear you loud and clear.
  • Short and sweet. Try to keep your Live sessions between 5 and 7 minutes. It gives people time to get on and see what’s up but not so long that people get bored.
  • Moderation is key. Don’t do these every day. Make it a special event for the people on your friends list.

You now have the tools you need to get yourself out there and LIVE on Facebook!


I know that is a lot of information to take in but you did it!

Remember, make yourself unique. Brand yourself so that you can stand out from the crowd. Take the key lessons we discussed and create a journey that your Facebook friends can follow you on without feeling like they are being harassed or sold to. Be consistent in creating posts that are full of value but that aren’t pushy or sales oriented. The more you share your fabulous life (which is more fabulous because of your business), the better responses you will generate.

Build relationships with the people in your friends list and you will have unlimited amounts of customers and prospects knocking at your virtual door.

Now go out there and rock your business, be yourself, and succeed like you were meant to!

Crystal Schindel of Crystal Clear Training

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Crystal Schindel
Crystal Schindel
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