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Everything Counts

How Every Experience Leads to Where You Are Now

By Jen AuhPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Everything Counts
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Life is a journey full of experiences. Every experience, whether positive or negative, contributes to shaping who we are and where we are headed. As we journey through life, it is important to give everything we have in everything we do, learn as much as possible, and realize that every step is another step toward where we are meant to be. This is a concept that has been central to my life, and it has led me to where I am now as an image consultant.

Throughout my career, I have worked in various roles in the beauty and fashion industry, from web designer to design director to creative director. Each role brought its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, and I learned something valuable from each of them. I gained valuable skills and insights that I would not have had otherwise, and these experiences prepared me for my current role as an image consultant.

As a web designer, I learned the importance of paying attention to the details. Every element of a website must be carefully considered, from the layout to the colors to the typography. I also learned the importance of collaboration and communication. Web design is a team effort, and it is essential to work closely with developers and other stakeholders to create a website that meets the needs of the client and the end user.

As a design director, I learned how to manage a team and oversee projects from start to finish. I had to balance the creative vision with the practical realities of budget and timeline. I also learned how to give and receive constructive feedback, which is essential for any creative endeavor.

As a creative director, I had the opportunity to work with high-profile clients in the beauty and fashion industry. I learned how to develop a brand strategy and create a cohesive visual identity across multiple platforms. I also learned how to lead a team of designers and writers to create engaging and effective marketing campaigns.

All of these experiences have contributed to my understanding of what makes people look more attractive and confident. As an image consultant, I help people to develop their personal style and create a wardrobe that reflects their unique personality and lifestyle. I also help people to improve their body language and communication skills, which are essential for projecting confidence and authority.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is the importance of giving everything you have in everything you do. Whether it is a small task or a big project, it is essential to approach it with dedication and passion. Even if the task seems trivial, it could lead to bigger and better opportunities down the road.

It is important to learn as much as possible in every situation. Every experience, no matter how mundane, has something to teach us. By being open-minded and curious, we can gain valuable insights and skills that will serve us well in the future.

Also, every step is another step toward where we are meant to be. Life is not always straightforward, and there may be setbacks and challenges along the way. However, every experience, whether positive or negative, is a stepping stone to the next phase of our journey. We must embrace each step and learn from it, knowing that it is leading us toward our ultimate destination.

Believe me; everything counts in life. Every experience, every task, every interaction contributes to shaping who we are and where we are headed. By giving everything we have in everything we do, learning as much as possible, and embracing each step of our journey, we can reach our full potential and fulfill our destiny.

As an image consultant, I am grateful for every experience that has led me to where I am now, and I look forward to the experiences that will shape my future.


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Jen Auh

I'm a founder of STYiLES, a bestselling author, a creative director and an image consultant with 20+ years of experience in the beauty/fashion industries. I share my expertise to help others thrive. Learn more at

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