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Everybody Can Be An Influencer

The myths about being an influencer and how you can become one and make an impact with little to no big social media following.

By Clovis APPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

You may want to say, "Stop right there!, how is this even possible?" and it can sound so weird to many as a lot of people know or have been told they must have at least a big following on almost all the social media outlets to consider themselves as an influencer.

Myth vs Reality about being an influencer

With all the myths and confusion around, one can be either disappointed or just think it is just for celebrities and people of that caliber.

What if it is another way around? because everybody has the ability to influence, to inspire and guide others; and the moment you become aware of that you can start to realize and notice all the opportunities around you, all the possibilities to be heard, to become an influencer, to have an opinion about certain topics, products and impact people all over the world.

How to get started

For all the online influencers, all you will need to get started is just a phone or a laptop, you can have both if you can, a phone can do all the work. You also have to know how to take good looking pictures on your phone; that is one of the most important things.

Being and remaining who you are will be a major plus for you as many brands are looking for people who can be themselves while promoting their products or services.

While most brands can reply to your DMs or Direct Messages on Instagram and Facebook, others prefer to be contacted via email, so to each brand their own; but the key here is to make sure you have a set of photos or previous work to showcase in order to be selected or get approved faster. Start by introducing yourself and let the brand know how you will be the best fit for promoting and representing their product or service, this is by only reaching out to brands you love.

Advertise what you love, remember brands will quickly spot if you are just in for the money, which is great, however, show your love to their brand and products too. This will help you land a great and long lasting brand deal.

How will brands notice a "small" influencer?

At first you will have to do the research on your own, looking for local brands that would be interested in having a brand ambassador or someone to represent their brands in some ways. There are so many out there, and you will most likely find the ones interested to work with you, like GOMAGEAR for example.

Some brands will reach out to you out of nowhere, that will be either they saw you somewhere or just by typing a certain hashtag on social media, they can contact you via DM (Direct Message) or via email. Still you will have to be selective and only go with the ones you are really into.

Influencer compensation or pay

As one of the many things you can do online or offline, having to represent a brand or product will help you make some side income or so-called passive income by many, and the fastest way to do that is to be an influencer or brand ambassador.

But how do you get paid? well, it will depend on the agreement with different brands, some will pay you a certain amount upfront while others will pay you on sales commission basis; this means you will have a custom link or code to share with people who will buy the product or service you promote and once they buy, you will receive starting from 10% up of every single sale generated from your custom product link or or coupon code.

Everybody can be an influencer

Your voice matters just like anybody's. All you need is the will and the right people in your life, you can find opportunities online as well as offline today, start now once you finish reading this.


About the Creator

Clovis AP

Clovis AP is a multi-talented Civil Engineer, Self-taught Professional Artist and Entrepreneur. CEO, Founder and Owner of GOMAGEAR, GodGivenGifts1, CAP WORLD Top Life, and many more. He helps businesses and brands reach the right audience.

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