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Embossed Entities

by Linda McLaughlin 2 months ago in travel
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My Astral Journey to Zeta Reticula March 2020.

Embossed Entities
Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. It’s just a quiet jungle. Alive with debris and sounds so quiet they are deafening. And yes, even up there, there are air traffic controllers! Sometimes hurtling through space beyond light speed so that a whisp of energy is all you will see, sometimes simply gliding, like having all the time in the world. Because, after all, why not!? Such is my vivid experience of Astral Travel in March 2020. This is a story you will snap your seatbelt on for!!! Morning Star last Tuesday in March 2020, My Comrades Left Visitation Base In USA for a quick return Home to ZR through a time saving wormhole. As I astral travelled along with them, seeing their arrival was Thursday , just 2 days forward, I saw their two suns upon Arrival. Their ship had to go underground upon descent due to the intense solar radiation. My Comrades were so happy to be Home! Back to Zeta Reticula Style of Civilization, in comparison to Earthly Primitive Existence.Some Comrades had remained behind at Visitation Base to Continue to Guide the few Enlightened Humans along . An underground volleyball game was in order to relax the Team after such a long intense journey!! It was just so wonderful to be Home again! Ever since 1967, I have had encounters with Zeta Reticula; in fact, it feels like my Real Home. Never listen to anyone who tries to debunk stories of outer space worlds; it is all very Real! The trillions of stars in space are beautiful and only our Comrades have them so intricately mapped. Embossed Entities is what they are, a living fabric of the continuity of space. No words can describe it . No paintbrush can capture it. It is a Sacred Fulfillment of Our Creators’ It was actually amazing that I travelled along with my Comrades forward to ZR. But, mostly exhilarating! The images remain embossed in my memory. And to think how natural it all felt! Since 1967, as a nine year old child, I have been associated with THIS SAME CREW! Met again through one special sacred friend , Jim, now passed , May he Rest In Peace. Jim had met up with them at a Sundance in the Native States in 2017 as they regularly came to visit his then father in law, Wallace. Being raised as white in a Canadian adoptive family, he knew very little about his own Sioux heritage until he met his then wife to be online who is Wallace’s daughter. Needless to say, he had the shock of his young life when my ZR Comrades landed at his father in law’s Sundance. Telepathically, the Comrades told him that he had “ left someone behind” and then had Commanded he return to find Myself! Jim was so surprised that shortly after he began a heroic walk back to Canada in Feb. 2019!! In the Winter! He was on a Mission directed from beyond our Earth! I met up again with him , platonically, that following August. We stayed in contact until his unfortunate work accident near end of April 2020 and subsequent admission to Hospital at the height of Covid . Jim never lived to walk out of the Hospital again as he tragically passed June 25 2020 in Vancouver. I was left with instructions from Zeta Reticula for All of Humanity. Now that your curiosity is peaked! Here is the first message: “C o v I D is FAKE!” Yes it is! I knew before mostly everyone!!I needed to know to preserve My Divinity and Unique Creation of Self from Almighty Head Creator! Hence, I remain a Pureblood as God Made I. I have many more messages and stories from Zeta Reticula to continue this Journey ! Embossed Entities. You will recognize us when you see us.


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