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Elevate Your Image with Elsa

ElsaB Styling image consulting, personal shopping, and color analysis services

By Jen AuhPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
Elsa Boutaric | ElsaB Styling Image Consulting Agency

In the ever-evolving world of fashion and style, one image consultant stands out for her exceptional expertise and commitment to empowering her clients. Elsa Boutaric, the renowned image consultant based in Paris, has joined the STYiLES app, bringing her ElsaB Styling image consulting, personal shopping, and color analysis services to a broader audience. With a remarkable track record of assisting over 100+ clients, Elsa's services are designed to help individuals discover their unique style, boost their confidence, and foster self-expression through fashion.

Elsa's Journey to Excellence

Elsa's fashion and style journey began with a business studies degree from the prestigious London School of Commerce. Her passion for the industry led her to further studies in Fashion Marketing at the acclaimed Parsons School of Design in New York. As an image consultant, Elsa firmly believes in continuous learning. She has sought education from various esteemed institutions, including the Ecole Supérieure de Relooking in Paris, the Stylist London Academy, and The Style Coach Institute.

Elsa completed the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) accredited "By Ferial" image consultant training to complement her credentials. She also holds certificates in Business Etiquette and Non-Verbal Communication from The British School of Etiquette, further enhancing her expertise in the field.

Empowering Women Through Image Consulting

Elsa's image consulting services for women are crafted with the intent of helping them discover newfound confidence that positively impacts their relationships, careers, finances, and overall life. Understanding the importance of convenience, Elsa offers most of her online and in-person services, ensuring her clients have access to personalized guidance no matter their location.

Online services cater to the modern lifestyle and include a wardrobe edit with personal styling, where clients can maximize their current wardrobe, build a well-coordinated capsule wardrobe, and create looks tailored to their lifestyle, style-personality, and personal brand. Elsa also provides online personal shopping services, assisting clients in curating timeless and effortless looks for any occasion and acquiring essential investment pieces that complement their signature style.

In-person services are equally comprehensive, with wardrobe edits focusing on clearing, organizing, and refreshing the wardrobe. Clients also learn valuable insights on budgeting for a wardrobe that suits their lifestyle and creating an efficient closet. Personal styling sessions occur in stores, with pre-selected essential looks that optimize the wardrobe and align it with the client's brand image and authentic style. Additionally, Elsa assists clients in identifying their personal color, which is crucial in enhancing their overall appearance and confidence.

Unlocking the Power of Colors

Elsa's specialization in color analysis sets her apart as a master in styling. Understanding that colors lay the foundation for any great look, she emphasizes the importance of finding the right tones that flatter her clients. According to Elsa, one's color is everlasting and always suitable. Once individuals understand what works for them, they can effortlessly create an image that aligns with their best version and aspirations.

ElsaB Styling offers professional color analysis, available in-person or online, to reveal each client's unique "personal palette of colors" that harmonize with their specific natural coloring. Dressing according to one's color increases well-being and effectively camouflages flaws, accentuating positive features and creating a more polished appearance.

ElsaB 6-Week Makeover Program: Unleash Your Authentic Self

Elsa's commitment to empowering her clients extends to her transformative 6-Week Makeover Program. This comprehensive program offers weekly coaching and Zoom calls, creating an experience that aligns each individual's style with their authentic self. Throughout the program, Elsa guides her clients through the essential steps of building their "signature style," tailored to their lifestyle, personality, body shape, color preferences, and budget.

Week after week, Elsa shares invaluable advice, helping her clients feel more confident and in control of their style choices. The program delves into topics such as creating a signature style, using style to build a personal brand image, dressing for body shape, and savvy shopping for well-fitting clothes that save time and money.

Elsa promises that by mastering the six keys taught in the program, her clients will experience positive transformations in various aspects of life, including love, finance, influence, and joy.

Elsa Boutaric's addition to the STYiLES app marks a new era of accessible and empowering image consulting services. With her extensive expertise and genuine passion for helping individuals embrace their unique style, ElsaB Styling has garnered acclaim from clients worldwide.

Through online and in-person services, Elsa guides her clients to discover their confidence, redefine their style, and unlock their true potential through the art of fashion and self-expression. Whether seeking a wardrobe makeover or a comprehensive 6-week program, Elsa's services are a gateway to a more empowered and stylish you.

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