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Double your earnings by developing your own IDO launcher

The culmination of the business reaches its destiny of capturing audiences on a large scale, thereby increasing sales.

By RagunathPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

This will certainly come true when there is a solid foundation that can withstand the tremendous sales intensity. There are many business models and strategies that reveal the brilliance and innovation of crypto projects. The world is fascinated by the evolution of cryptocurrencies into crypto assets.

From now on, it is common today to look for a crypto project. Entrepreneurs are bragging about their upcoming cryptocurrency projects and creating milestones in this crypto space. There is a great strategy to support entrepreneurs with funds that get exciting projects off the ground. They are launch platforms that facilitate fundraising and collaborating with users on the same platform.

This blog will give you enough information about this IDO launchpad development without effort. As a result, you can demand thorough knowledge of IDO token launchpad development.

IDO Launchpad — Short summary

The IDO Token Launcher is a preferred platform of crypto projects to start the fundraising process via Dex’s initial offering. It is a platform that encourages crowdfunding from crypto enthusiasts worldwide to raise huge capital for crypto projects. Top entrepreneurs try to get money from users or investors through this medium by exchanging original tokens in Launchpad.

Users will visit them to invest in their fun and cool projects. First, users need to integrate their wallets with Launchpad. Second, they need to buy tokens and store them in wallets. Third, after finding a project, they can request a whitelist and then access the IDO.

Unlike other fundraising platforms, IDO launch platform is faster in fundraising and trading.

Why do you prefer the IDO Launcher?

There are some advantages that will drastically change your attitude towards IDO Launchpad regarding ICO and IEO.

Instant Trading: The IDO development company Launch Board benefits users in instant trading once the token is sold. Users can buy tokens at the lowest amount and later sell them at a high profit.

Instant Liquidity : The launch platform provides instant liquidity to projects from liquidity pools. Thus, tokens that match altcoins are recognizable on the Dex platform.

cheapest cost : The operational panel has low cost to purchase a smart contract to control the liquidity pool.

Trusted : Crypto projects applied for on the DEX platform are subject to verification that they are legal and viable. To support projects, proposals and documents are then checked and projects are listed on the DEX platform.

equal sharing No discrimination in entering based on money or wealth.

Functions in the IDO Launcher

The type of this control panel also offers the best services due to the following features. They include:

Mutual compatibility: The operation panel can be operated flexibly under any blockchain to a large extent without restrictions. For instance Ethereum, Cardano, Polygon, Stream and so on.

Stacking Units: There are an assortment of Stacking Units making it simple for anybody to take part in this pledge drive.

Wallet : Clients can store their tokens in a crypto wallet like Metamask, TrustWallet, and so forth. IDO development company Launch Boards use a 3rd generation web wallet for this purpose.

Icon Customization : Once IDO goes live, users can instantly get tokens for new projects that have been whitelisted.

up-to- date system : It improves the overall operation and helps the front-end system run smoothly and users can have a good user experience.

Differences between IDO and IEO

Fundraising IDO raises funds in a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, while IEO is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Marketing and Promotion At IDO, the team supporting projects takes care of marketing and branding. At the IEO, the central cryptocurrency exchange will advertise itself.

Liquidity : Liquidity and trading are faster at IDO. Likewise, there is a limitless symbolic stack in IDO.

In IEO when you see the token stack is finite only.

Trustworthiness : There is no KYC and control mechanism at IDO. But in IEO, users registered with CEX will complete KYC/AML.

Security and Reliability : There are no security issues in IDO. Your information and identity are also fully protected. Security aside, however, there are opportunities for information and identity theft with IEO.

Cost : The exchange does not charge a fee for trading, but you get a low gas fee for the smart contract. In the IEO, exchanges carry a fee for trading and launching crypto projects.

Organization Platform: The IDO launcher is highly decentralized while the IEO operates under a centralized exchange.

IDO firing mechanism

There is an IDO launchpad workflow that contains various steps that need to be followed.

Create and submit the chart : Users will receive a chart showing what the project is about. It serves as a roadmap with milestones that symbolize the company’s progress. It shows the short, medium and long-term goals that can be achieved in this project.

Obviously, users only buy launchpad development company tokens when they are satisfied with the right solutions that get the maximum benefit.

2. Creation of a white paper A white paper is generally a document that consists of information relevant to the project. By presenting the technical document to users, they get search statistics. Hence the need for this solution that you want to deploy.

3. secure platform Security is the most important credibility a company can guarantee to the people who trust it. Therefore, finding a secure platform is the crucial step.

4. Cross-Chain Compatibility The platform needs to adapt to different blockchains to support instant transactions and low fees.

5. Audits — The company must audit and check for defects before implementing or publishing the project.


From now on I’ll finish my thoughts on this awesome IDO token launcher development service. If you are an entrepreneur with big goals, you can grab the best IDO Launchpad development company right now. I got a lot of information about Initial Dex offering Launchpad services to change your model.

Sure, maybe there is something in this blog that gave you the light to take your business to the higher levels. Following these benefits, features, and workflows will lead to a wise decision. So get smarter and rely on services that can deliver innovative features and value.

It’s difficult to get ahead in your entrepreneurial journey and then start your own business and make a lot of money. Learn not only good crypto projects to offer, but also tactics to keep users forever. You can get the most out of these great fundraising platforms, show your projects directly to users and reach the top.

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