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Don't stop writing on medium here are the 3 unbelievable benefits!

by Taimoor Khan 3 months ago in career
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There are many benefits writing on medium

Don't stop writing on medium here are the 3 unbelievable benefits!
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Now here is how to make the most of your writing. On this platform every day more and more writers are joining the medium and partner platform. Medium is one of the best and top blogging platforms most writers suggest this platform when they want to publish their articles or content online. According to me, this suggestion is well deserved.

There are also several advantages or benefits of writing on medium for writers. I love and like to write on medium due to a lot of advantages.

Medium is very friendly for its users

It has become much easier to write a blog in the past few years, but it is still hard to quickly create a blog if you don’t have any technical experience. The medium does not demand us any knowledge like HTML, coding, etc

Medium boost your career very fast

Many people wrote on medium without any type of plans to leave their jobs, they just used the chance to do what they wanted and get paid for it. It is also on top of their regular salary

Grateful feedback

In my opinion, there must be nothing better than anybody taking the interest and time to leave a message like this. Confidently, further will be coming

Self Exploration while brainstorming story ideas.

I’m not sure quite how to explain this one but patterns image in the story ideas. I’m learning what my dialogue looks like, and as a reader, experiencing it days or weeks later, a new picture is painted. What am I saying too much?

What am I not saying at all? The process has shown me holes in the amount of content existing in subjects I want to write about but haven't. Writing is much like sharing feelings with a person one on one, it’s much more therapeutic than I imagined. This came as a surprising and wonderful bonus.

A new process is in place for starting here.

Somewhere inside me is a feeling that I’m not enough, a fear that I will be found out. You know, people will see something about me that they don’t like, then fall on one side or the other.

This apprehension has always been in me and writing on Medium has shattered it to bits. Once I share what I thought might be the dark things and no trolls show up, the fear is irradiated hopefully forever, this is huge!

I can share from the heart and the world doesn’t end.

Later in the day, after posting some sensitive and personal subjects I read another author’s article, which I can’t find now, cautioning about the dangers of employers using posts as hiring decision material. I immediately second guessed myself, got fearful and pulled the telling story.

The next morning I thought, “who cares?” putting it right back up again. I have not seen anyone running for the exits and for me that is part of the charm. I can offer this item, 1000 or so words arranged in a certain way and you, the reader can be attracted, interacting with it and stopping, or not, maybe moving on. I just make it and let it go out into the world, it

It Provided us withenergy and inspiration to make a new website.

When I started this Medium experiment one month ago, my website was 20 years old and in need of some serious upgrades. I had not been able to find the time or the motivation to retool. So, I took it on, bought another domain name and built a WordPress website in one day.

This is a confidence building exercise in itself and likely has some real commercial value if marketed properly. Nearly everyone wants a personal or business website. Look here if you wish, it still needs work.


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