Do You Have Commence-a-Phobia?

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Finding it hard to start something new in your life?

Do you have commence-a-phobia? .

No not arachnophobia (fear of spiders), not apiphobia (fear of bees)

But “Commence-a-phobia”. It's, well, a fear yes. It's my catchy term for fear of starting something.

And it happens to us because we don't know what or how to get started. I talk about overcoming Commence-a-phobia in my Magnet Mastermind Program.

Sometimes you are trying to write a novel or a song or a to do list or just take action on anything, and you stare out the window watching butterflies or silly TV shows instead.

Or you have a really important heavy lifting task to do but you blow it off because they're just too hard, like: starting a new workout regime because you want to lose the weight, or making those business calls to strum up more business, or painting that second bedroom, or starting a new project or telling your boss you wanna quit because you're going out on your own. It all feels like, ugh, hard work.

So we procrastinate. We just don’t do it. We think about it, but we don’t take action. That’s Commence-a-phobia.

How do you get rid of that?

Focus on what you reallllly want out of life.

These tasks are just a means by which to gain the greater goal. Stepping stones to the real things you want. Set your sights on the bigger things - and the Reason why you need to do all the things today. Then those things become easier to do, because you remind yourself of why you do them.

You paint the room because you're expecting a baby.

You go to the gym because you see your future healthy you.

You make those business calls because you see your ultimate successful business.

You have that tough talk with your boss because you want to CHANGE.

Stay focused on the end result because there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Commence-a-phobia be gone!

Seriously.... it's funny. Like, happy, fun, joyous, feel good fun.

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