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Delta Air Lines Review

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By First Fly TravelPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Delta Air Lines is probably one of the top 5 airlines in the US. It serves both middle and upper-class society flying needs. Recently, I chartered Delta airlines for my trip to Amsterdam. Boarded the flight from Las Vegas. Took me 10 hours and 40 minutes to reach Amsterdam. Journey surely was exasperating, was jet lagged by the end of the day but the experience throughout was brilliant. From the immigration to the airport services and boarding, it exceeded my expectations. Usually, I prefer Air France but this time around I had change of heart. Also, Delta Airlines flight deal was quite lucrative.


It was in the middle of September that I decided to visit Amsterdam. I had paid leaves in my account and was not getting satisfaction from the work, a bit tired from the world. So, I made up my mind and went straight to the Delta Airlines ticket reservation. Booked the Delta Comfort + cabin. The whole online booking was so simple that it only took me 5 to 10 minutes. My friend who toured Nashville last month had boarded the Delta airline, and so, he recommended Delta.

Arriving at the Airport…

Had pre-arranged car services to commute to the Harry Reid International Airport. Took me 15 minutes. We arrived at the main gate a few minutes later. Mind you I was expecting a huge crowd as the Harry Reid airport is the 8th busiest airport in the world. But the personnel working there and the behavior they were carrying I didn’t expect that. There was a Peter in a store who was so rude that literally, no one said a word prior to us. I get it jobs put you under a lot of stress but the men in the store would not budge from not accepting the card payment or wasted a lot of valuable time of mine despite being placarded at the entry saying all payment methods are accepted. Waited and do some shopping & eateries at the central food court area as I reached far early than planned. The arrival and departure were good overall. Got my boarding pass without waiting too much in line. Passed the other verification checks. Then put my luggage into the checked luggage belt, and boarded my Delta A350 carrier.

Up in the sky…

It took a bit for all of us to settle down in our seats. The seats were comfortable and provided ample legroom upfront. Within 15 minutes, we take off. Pilots gave us the usual introduction, then I set off for the longest journey of my life. I invested USD 1,159 in the ticket and the Delta flight experience didn’t bore me. I was skeptical at the beginning but not for long. The carrier had 36 seats reserved for Comfort + cabin. Width and pitch size is 17.4 inches and 34 inches. There was no electronic flatbed support but the seats were comfortable and gives greater recline support. The flight attendants heeded most of my inquiries and were polite in their behavior. Now you have heard this line- It Really is a small world and expertly that happens to me. I met a friend from the Office- she and I were quite at loggerheads but that trip really sorts of cools down everything between us. I would say- our interaction was another story to tell but let’s stick to the original topic (delta airlines reviews).

The experience was an upgraded one as there was just enough room to stretch out. I settle in and enjoy the ride quite nicely with many entertainment options given to me. I was running with my laptop as I do every time so that was a bonus for me. Entertainment screens were offered on all seats and offered several media options to select from. There was satellite radio to listen to songs, movie collections of recently released movies, and a few tv series from HBO. Wi-fi was there to stream movies and tv series on your smartphone screens or laptops. I did a bit but my main source of entertainment was my laptop. Also, did my pending work that I don’t know I have been avoiding for forever.

Premium snacks, pillows, blankets, amenity kits, and complimentary drinks were handed out to every customer who had boarded the Delta Air Lines comfort plus cabin. Drinks provided included both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Starbucks, beer, wines, Du Nord Social Spirits, Tip Top Proper Cocktails, and spirits were given on most of the Delta flights. Sleep kits totally take care of my sleeping in the aircraft along with pillows and blankets. Dining options were limited, we could only select limited entrees to decorate our food plates. Though the food menu was built considering the season and had some of the best authentic meals crafted with a personal touch. Flavors are rejuvenated ones featuring fresh ingredients.

Dedicated Overhead Bins

We were blessed with the space given for our carry-on luggage. A dedicated overhead bin space is present on all 36 seats given in the comfort + cabin so that each traveler can keep their carry-ons within easy reach.

Deplane Quickly

Landed at AMS- Schiphol around 11 o’clock. After flying for more than 11 hours, a breath of freshness every traveler craves for. Delta Air Lines swift exit greets you at the gate so you can seize the day at your destination.

After that, I arrive in Amsterdam and was stoked away by the beauty of the place. I remain transfixed throughout the Amsterdam stay and nighttime traveling was my favorite time in Amsterdam.


It was my first time traveling through Delta Air Lines and to Amsterdam. Though we suffer some setbacks, riding through Delta Air Lines was fun and comfortable. I didn’t feel jet lagged as much as people had a complaint and liked the Deplane quickly services of the airlines. I have summarized my review of Delta Air Lines with as many words as I can put. If I have to give a rating on the flying experience of Delta Air Lines, it would be 8 out of 10.


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