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Dear Vocal

Please consider adding these tags/ communities

By Bianca WilsonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

When I first stumbled across vocal I thought- and still think it was the best thing ever but...I still have some things that bother me. And I hope reading this will make everyone on the team consider it at least.

I'm still new to vocal, I mean I've probably been here for nearly a year if not at 6-8 months or maybe my memory is botched and it's been over a year and going into two now...

I won't waste your time, let's get to the meat of my discomfort.

I would like the team to either consider adding the following either as tags or Communities.

1. Asian Dramas or Asian Tv: Tag or Community?

The tags are all lovely but when writing about specific subjects I don't like compromising with my tags, specifically in the geeks community when I'm writing about a K-drama and have to choose between tv, entertainment and movies or add all three and feel guilty about lying... I know. I'm weak.

Asian dramas are just as long as movies but they're not movies... they're dramas... not all Asian dramas can even be found on tv, though I'm sure it probably aired back on tv in their native countries. 🤔

If you could consider adding tags like C-dramas(Chinese dramas), K-drama(Korean dramas), j-dramas(Japanese dramas), etc. I'd really appreciate it.

Some part of me was torn on whether or not to ask you guys to make it a tag or its own separate community. I feel like geeks is already such a broad term, almost synonymous to gamers. Only a gamer is a type of geek so I feel like it'd be okay to ask for an Asian drama community as well since we're also a type of geek.

Most Asians dramas are well-written, you could tear it down for a review just like with a movie or a book. I'm actually thinking of just taking it easy this year and try to actually write reviews on Asian dramas instead of procrastinating from my finishing my W.I.Ps and watching K-drama and anime.

Also as I type this I also think that things would work best if the title was named Asian Tv or maybe that could be a sub category with Asian dramas? writers could write about Asian television show programs in addition to dramas … I leave the ball in your court. If you don't like the title of Asian Drama or Asian Tv you could try Sarang, or... something else? Sorry, I have no good ideas.

2. Otakus

Please consider adding "otakus" as its own community.

Since we're snowballing and talking about different types of geeks here. In the original description it lists that "Geeks" talks about comics, tv and western stuff but it doesn't say anything about manga- though I'm sure most writers are okay with lumping that in the same tag as comics, I'm not. Only because I feel like it's gonna get swept away.

In Japan an otaku is someone who's obsessed with computers or a specific popular thing to the detriment of their social skills.

Us fellow otakus see it as the same thing, only having a particular obsession for anime and manga.

There are also anime movies, webtoons, donghuas, manhwa, manhua and video games so I feel like those should be in their own tags (manhwa,manhua,anime,donghua,webtoon) and catergories (of movies and video games) within otakus as well. Am I asking for too much? I hope I'm not.

Since anime is popular I feel like it could bring some more views to vocal.

3. Simlit

I'm okay with it being called "Simlit" or Simmers or even "Sul Sul" so everyone knows what they can write about there.

What is Simlit?

You know Sims 4 right? It's just an abbreviation for Sims literature. Believe it or not the community of simmers are full of visionaries and writers. Sims literature is basically a story based on the life of their sims though rarely do the stories themselves acknowledge that they're in the world of the Sims. It's just its own world, just its own story.

Sims lit are stories that uses pictures from Sims 4 as illustration. Finding Sims lit is kind of hard. You can look online the sims 4 ea site in the forums, you can find them on wordpress or you can find them on the monetized blogs of simmers.

I would like this Simmers/Sul Sul to be its own community instead of a tag that fits inside the community of gamers or fiction...

Believe it or not when you say you're a gamer and you play the Sims people make placating faces like "Suuuure you are…"

I can't even take it to heart when there's really not much gameplay aside from building and sculpting Sims… while the rest is just playing dolls. It's really a game meant for writers and wannabe architects 😩😭 but you can't stop loving what you can't stop loving. Okay? We're gamers too...

That's all the suggestions I have for right now.

I hope I was able to speak in a way that made sense and didn't confuse you all. You have any questions you can email me! :) Thank you for reading this far if you have already.

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A college student studying Creative Writing. Webnovel writer, sims 4 simmer, poet and daydreamer.

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