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By Novel AllenPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Klaus Kreuer -unspalsh

I had no plans to enter this challenge. I see so many talented and amazing entries in these creative challenges. It amazes me the minds of these creators, I admire them and envy them a little at the same time. I do have my little quirks that I try my hands at from time to time.

I practice teaching myself the guitar, I dabble a little in learning to paint from online classes, I have my little inside garden (I live in a tiny apartment right now). One of my favorite tinker toying is rescuing the flowers from lovely bouquets when their days are ending, I allow them to dry thoroughly, press them gently in books and make lovely framed pictures. I am the ultimate tinkerer.

Waste not, want not, right.

All of my activities help me calm my mind.

But, truthfully writing is my go to for ultimate peace. I have been writing poetry and short stories and everything in between since I was a child. This helped me escape a life of childhood mental....(I pause here, trying to find the right words); pardon me if I choose to obfuscate the real depth of frustration, stress and pain.

Many times I have attempted to put pen to paper and document my life, try to write a book. An autobiography to be read only by one.

Daniel Schludi-unsplash

I literally or maybe figuratively lost myself in comic books. Became the characters and basically lived in their dream world. My favorite was 'The Phantom'. With no super powers at all and relying only on strength and intelligence, he fought the bad guys, they mythically thought he could not die. I loved his nickname. 'The ghost who could not die'. I wanted to live in his skull cave, far away from everyone and everything.

But, moral of the story. I found Vocal.

This is where I thread my needle. I know many of us are writing about how wonderful Vocal has been in letting us write our crap, really good crap, really bad crap and downright awful crappy crap. But know what, deep down we all love our creations, no matter what anyone else thinks of it.

When I get an inspiration, I thank my lucky stars that I am allowed to foist my brain children on the Vocal platform. Most of them are hidden away on my profile, to be read only by me and maybe a person or two. If people have read my articles and I have not returned the favor, I apologize, I am still trying to figure everything out between surviving and creating and existing.

At some point, when my brain is saturated, I jump up, put some lively music on and do some private dancing. Or go take a long walk on a quiet road with the wind and trees and inspiration returns.

Now, it has gotten to the point where all I want to do is write. Vocal if you could get some movie writers and directors to turn some of our stories into movies or Broadway plays, get us rich, I really do not need famous, just rich, I would be grateful. Vocal would undoubtedly get rich also.

One can dream. That is why we write, to get it all out of our systems.

I see myself learning from the people with the top stories. Style, use of words and content matter. Be relevant. Address issues that mean something to somebody other than yourself.

See the world from the point of view of other people. Learn from the point of view of others.

Be disgruntled, be appreciative, be critical, give praise where praise is due. Strive to make our writing mature over time.

Some people have natural talents. I have read some really good stories. I have read some really bad stories, some are mine (the bad ones).

My dream for Vocal is that they will evolve into a platform that reaches beyond just publishing our stories and secreting them away into our profiles. Or worse, having them get lost in the graveyards of social media, where we have to beg people to read or tip, OR WORSE, ignore us.

I mean, the movie people are running out of ideas. There are some great new spins on stories in the back rooms of Vocal. Surely there are people who could use these fresh takes on life and old points of view.

Vocal is private, yes. but how is that helping us to make money.

How about, allowing people to choose which ones stay private and which ones they would not mind someone else having a go at.

Make life more interesting.

These are indeed my crazy ideas.


Your task is not easy. I do not always agree with your choices.

But you rule.

roberta sorge-unspalsh

In for a penny, or in for a pound.


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