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Considerations Before Buying Restaurant POS Software

by Alica Knopwood 4 months ago in business

There is no point in buying a restaurant POS system that is super sophisticated but that your restaurant cashier or waitress cannot or is difficult to use. Make

Considerations Before Buying Restaurant POS Software
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Restaurant software is very important if you want to open a restaurant or café. For people who are new to the restaurant industry or who are new to the restaurant industry, they may not be familiar with this kind of technology.

For this reason, this time I want to share a few tips about what needs to be your main consideration when deciding to buy a Point Of Sale for your restaurant.

The features contained in the restaurant software.

Restaurant software with the most advanced and complete features is not necessarily the best choice. Often times, these features that are too sophisticated and complete even become "weapons to eat," alias become difficult to use.

However, you should also not only look at the features from the "skin" alone. In general, almost all restaurant software has similar features. See its features in detail, is it able to perform the special functions you need. Choose software with features that suit your needs, not the most sophisticated or the most complete.

The vendor who sells it.

Does the company that sells it specialize in restaurant software? Does the vendor have ready-made software, or do they have to develop it from scratch? What's worse, is the vendor not at all a company, but just an independent software developer?

Choose a vendor who already has a finished product that specializes in restaurant software. If you choose a vendor that doesn't have a finished product yet, it means you'll have to spend more time starting the software development from scratch. Not to mention that the software has to undergo trial and error first, so it's quite risky.

After-sales service.

Fast operation is very important in the restaurant business. Therefore, you have to make sure that your vendor has an after-sales service team that can solve problems with the POS software you buy in case of a sudden problem. If necessary, visit one of their clients directly and ask them directly how they have been served so far.

Ease of use.

There is no point in buying a restaurant POS systems that is super sophisticated but that your restaurant cashier or waitress cannot or is difficult to use. Make sure beforehand that the software you are going to buy is easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to make arrangements. If necessary, try the software directly when the sales representative of the vendor is presenting it.

Restaurant POS System To Prevent Losses from Additional Order

Maybe, without your realizing it, if your restaurant is not equipped with a POS system (or at least cashier billing software that runs from a simple PC), many losses arise from additional orders requested by customers.

Additional order is a kind of additional order which is usually not a very significant amount. For example, when you order a cup of coffee, the cashier or waitress will ask if you want to add milk or not.

In business, every thing you spend, there must be a return so you can make a profit. Therefore, many restaurants or cafes charge for this additional order. If there is no additional charge, even though the amount may feel small, if it occurs continuously, then if it is totaled up, it will be a large amount of loss.

When the restaurant is busy and in-rush, it will be easy for your staff to forget about the additional charge for additional orders. For example, extra toppings, additional drinks, extra beef, plus meatballs, extra chocolate milk, and so on.

Even if you remember, without using Point Of Sale, it is likely that the waitress will forget the price for the additional charge (remember, the restaurant is busy), so that it will provide an additional price that "according to them" is appropriate, aka approx.

Not to mention, there is the possibility of giving the additional order FREE to the guest simply because the guest is a friend of the staff order. Very detrimental, right?

This is where your restaurant's POS system comes in. By implementing the Point Of Sale system, you can set the price for each additional order (condiment) requested by the customer, thereby ensuring that every order requested by the customer gets you a return.

The automatic price also reduces human error when your restaurant cashier or waitress doesn't remember how much to charge for each additional order. This is very helpful when the restaurant is busy, and prevents mistakes in giving prices to restaurant guests.

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