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Concurrence Gathering 11 8 East

The Quartet! Opening introduction of the sample pieces from 1 of my projects in the works!

By Jennifer CooleyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Concurrence Gathering 11 8 East
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

November 29th, 2023!

‘The Quartet!’

Opening piece must be the following number 1 item on the list, for the rest of the program to follow to be a perfect fit aka event! (In fact I might even just use these words below I share with you here as part of the opening to the show around the titled piece of that project I'm still working on called

"The Quartet!"

It all revolves around the struggles of growing up as a girl and as a girl in Canada respectively, it's about the struggles that I've lived through personally and struggles many others in the same life as that of my own they too can relate to, my mission is to be a voice for all of us, not just share my feelings and thoughts in this journey of life that is my own. It is important that I am able to share stories from a point of view that speaks for those who have never lived long enough to fulfil their original destiny in the arts perhaps, or lack the support, stability or continued education they need or needed to have reached where I somehow managed to get?

I was once told by a gang member I was with for an evening in his words, "What are you doing down here? He went on to say.. "You Have what it takes to be somebody in this world, to get out of this way of life and do more with yours then most of the rest of us ever will!" When he said those words to me I had no real idea of exactly what he was talking about, I didn't really believe in myself or love myself enough, or remember the confidence I had as a young girl with talent and dreams starting out in the world as a writer. Long put behind me that girl was, but this 1 guy could see in the darkness we were in, the LIGHT INSIDE OF ME, the love or passion or curiosity and desire for whatever it was I was here in this world to do, to pursue and chase after!

And now many years later having also left that young Woman and shed that 2nd younger self behind when I look back on that night and the presence of mind and what he said to me... I DO SEE IT, and I now understand it, as I have achieved what it is he was saying HE WANTED for me and those from the world he understood would not otherwise ever get out or be heard.

Somehow that responsibility and blessing was bestowed upon me and I've done my utmost best to carry out that responsibility with as much love and sanctity and honour as I can for all the voices in the night and in the wilderness of the cement Jungle as sang about in Gun's & Roses song to make sure I've done what I can to honour all our needs to be heard!

And I really hope everyone enjoys this particular show which is focused around being female coming into the world in 1 condition but how through life and circumstances that could never be stopped from happening changed the outcome and direction of the female life! Still an ending is had of course… just not the one that would have been originally expected when first arriving here into this world!



The following are from Book 2!

1. WOMAN! (From the Quartet) page 30 last page.

2. Music Man (pg 23)

3. The Day My Goldfish Died! (pg 19 )

4. Purple (pg 8)

5. Tomorrow's Breakfast (pg 17)

6. The Love Of God! (pgs 4 & 5)

Book 1!

1. She (pg 3)

2. Searching (pg 6 & 7)

3. Sea of Thoughts (pg 29)

4. I only ate once today (pg 25)

5. Rape (pg 9)

6. Come to me (pg 18 & 19)

7. Masturbation (37)

8. 10 yrs (pg 26)

9. Home is where the heart is (pg 27)

3rd book

1. Gambler's Game (pg 41)

2. 5 yrs a go in June (pg 45 & 46)

3,, Night After Night (pg 49)

4. Welfare Day (pg 7)

5. Junky Prayer (pg 11 & 12)

6. Eyes wide shut (pg 42 & 43)

7. Bowl of Jello (pg 44) Withdrawals lol

8. Dimes (pg 53)

(Bonus available on table for take home, donations aka tips for the work is welcome)

1. Downfalls (unplanned pregnancies, unwed, young girls)

2. The Deepest Part of Winter

3. Father May I

4. Tom

5. Across The Sea! (my newest piece)

6. All

7. The Truth Lies

8. The Ending for the show Common man (back of book un-numbered page (38 it would be I think)


About the Creator

Jennifer Cooley

I've been writing as long as I could hold a crayon! Remember writing my first story like it was yesterday at 5. I remember the details of the day, location, time, excitement & where the story was preserved for all time! Lots Born From That!

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