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For All Intents & Purposes

By Z-ManPublished 29 days ago 3 min read

June 10th

I'm not sure what to say to start this off, so I will leave it for after my walk. I am feeling pretty lethargic, anyway, having not walked yet this morning. Just driving.

Talk soon.

It is 7:08 AM.


It is now 10:49 AM. After two sunny walks and a backroads drive, I am here to share a few bits and pieces; and with an honest-ness and integrity which I may only have faith precedes me. You shall make of them as you wish:

  1. While I do not have children (I add this for brevity, or the vector of whichever word would command truer accuracy), my own experience in growing up should rightfully suffice. As to my suggestion: just because you may think (and wholly believe) the way you raised your children is how your children should raise theirs in turn, does neither forfeit nor assuage the fact that you may have simply given your children from the space in your heart that which you felt you lacked in your own childhood: for how can they give what they may have felt they lacked by propagating your "foundational" example?
  2. Just because someone does not accept your gift does not mean that you have not helped them. Whether you accept their rejection with compassion and an open heart, or criticism and rebuttal, you have--for one--given them--or reinforced--the strength to say no. Imagining each new and unique experience is yet a further strand about a metaphysical rope, is the ensemble not further enforced?


June 11th

Some considerations, brought to you by a conversation I had this morning:

  • Use your words wisely: declaring something is endows said object with more power than it may necessarily merit; that something is effective, is weird, is meaningless, resides solely within the realm of opinion.
  • You should show respect enough to explain your reasoning behind that which you demand of others. I don't care what position you are in, or feel you are in: others deserve to know. Naturally, if its a sensitive topic, and the rapport is there, it may not preach itself so consequential; unethical; what have you. Is it true: that reason nurtures no less than rapport, understanding, growth, trust, self-assurance, reassurance...and so forth? I mean, think about it. (What do you think? How do you feel?)

June 12th

Folding in from yesterday, I would venture--by my life's path, anyway--that doing what had to be done had brought me (no doubt curiously) that which I had not long before deliberated on accomplishing; that in basically following my instincts, that second of stone-doomed avians lined itself up dutifully:

I stopped in for gas last afternoon instead of putting it off until later, realizing I had a place to throw away my trash, too.

Furthermore, as to a sequential example:

I requested $20 cash back last night, the bill which, be it by layered coincidence or devoid of logical aims, was only the next morning lent out to my brother, in a time of need.

June 13th

I will review the above and close this article out with today's entry. I will do my best to leave any retroactive edits to the mercy of addendum.


But that should be enough for this segment. Mainly, I'm just tired. Writing can be wonderful in presence and flow, but the editing is the kicker for me. I certainly have a lot of flabbiness in that regard. Still, it's all part of the dedication process, isn't it?


Please let me know what you think of this article. I only ask that it touches you in some way.

Of course, that really doesn't boil down to either of us--does it?


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