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Car Insurance Covers Hurricane Damage: Know Everything

by TX Insurance Quotes 9 months ago in business
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Auto insurance covers hurricane damage, but before you decide, check your auto insurance quote to see what kind of coverage it includes.

People who reside in an area where hurricanes are a threat know how important it is to protect yourself from damage. Many people invest in hurricane shutters and other various storm panels, along with hurricane-resistant tape for when they have been damaged during the storm. 

Unfortunately, if you have not invested this time and money into protecting your home, you could be out of luck regarding insurance claims. It is essential for everyone who lives in an area where hurricanes and tropical storms are a threat to take the time and learn what their car insurance will cover before they find themselves in the middle of a hurricane. Auto insurance quotes comparison gives you the latest information about auto insurance and lets you know what is covered by your policy.

Is it possible that car insurance will cover hurricane damage?

One of the great things about auto insurance in Texas is that it covers more than just damages from accidents. Many people are surprised that their car insurance will most likely cover hurricane damage. However, if you have comprehensive coverage on your plan, chances are you will be reimbursed entirely for any injury done to your vehicle during a hurricane.

The perils of driving a vehicle in hurricane territory include:

Debris-caused damage: If your car is in the driveway when a hurricane strikes, comprehensive coverage will most likely reimburse you for damages if debris falls on your car and fractures your windshield, as long as it's parked in the driveway.

Water damage: If your vehicle was parked and an overflowing river or a flash flood caused water to rise enough to get into your car and cause damages, you may also be reimbursed for those damages.

Wind damage: This type of damage is usually covered by comprehensive insurance. If a gust of wind causes your car to hit another car or an object, you will likely be repaid for the damages.

What insurance will cover hurricane damage?

Depending on the causes and circumstances of the hurricane damage, you can be covered by windstorm insurance or by your car insurance's hurricane and flood protection plan.

Windstorm insurance coverage would cover damages to your vehicle that were not caused by an accident (for example, a fallen tree branch or debris from another person). At the same time, a separate hurricane and flood protection plan can help pay for damages if there is an accident involved.

Keep in mind that any damages done by flooding will most likely not be covered unless the water is over your car's engine and is causing electrical damage. Therefore, flooding damage is usually considered an excluded peril for hurricanes.

When should you buy insurance?

Like any insurance, car insurance coverage for hurricanes and tropical storms is much cheaper when you buy it before the damage occurs. For example, suppose you live in an area where hurricane season lasts several months. You can purchase this type of coverage to make sure your property is protected and for your existing vehicle at the beginning of every year.

If you drive a classic or antique car, separate hurricane insurance can be challenging to find. Therefore, make sure that you purchase the coverage before hurricane season begins if you are considering this type of vehicle.

What happens if a flood damages your car?

If you live in an area where heavy rains often lead to flooding, be sure that your car insurance coverage includes the cost of fixing water damage. Water damage can cause extensive damage to your engine and electrical system, which the actual hurricane coverage may not cover.

Be aware that water damage caused by flooding due to a storm is usually excluded from hurricane insurance.

In addition, most standard comprehensive policies do not cover water damage from flooding if the vehicle was parked when the damage occurred. So, you will have to purchase a separate flood protection plan.

Is it true that my insurance premium will rise following a hurricane?

This may be true if the hurricane-damaged your car and you do not have a separate hurricane protection plan. If this is the situation, your insurance provider will most likely consider the claim an accident that led to extensive damages. This type of claim can lead to a premium increase or even cancellation.

However, if you have a separate hurricane protection plan, your insurance company will not consider the claim as an accident. So, there should be no consequences on your car insurance premiums in this case.


As you can see, if a hurricane-damaged your car and you have the appropriate type of insurance coverage, your insurer will most likely reimburse you for damages done.

If you already have comprehensive or similar insurance on your policy and did not purchase hurricane protection, make sure to get the separate plan right away the next time a hurricane is about to hit your area.

There is no chance to predict when a hurricane will strike and where, so make sure you stay informed before purchasing your policy. Insurance companies allow you to add the hurricane protection plan after the damage. However, if this is not an option for you due to already existing policies or lack of money, you should develop a different plan.

In some cases, insurance companies will cover damages if they have been affected by the hurricane. However, to see what coverage you already have in place, you should first get your auto insurance quotes from El Paso, Laredo, McAllen, and Corpus Christi, reputed insurance providers.


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