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Can you put your team's morale in numbers?

by Alexandra Sousa 2 months ago in product review
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You may think your team is fine or even happy but can you convert that feeling into numbers? Yes, you can!!

If you can't, after this article, you will! 💪

It's called TeamMetrics and it's a free tool that helps you better understand your team's morale and motivation through simple, easy and quick surveys!

At the time of writing this article, 15,896 teams had already participated, with an average of 7.8.

An interesting factor is related to the benchmark that is dictated by the participation already made around the world, which gives you an idea, literally, global of the positioning of your team in relation to the other teams that have already used the tool.

Shall we try Team Morale?

1. Click on "New Survey"

2. Choose "Team Morale"

3. Fill in the information

4. Click "Create, and invite your team!"

5. Then just copy the link and share it with the team 😃

6. This is the information seen by those who fill in

7. And these are the questions, only 8. And they just drag the bar to the left or right to approach the answer "Never" or "Always", respectively:

And, as you can see, it is optional to put the name or email. So it is very importanto for you to ask your team to be the most transparent and sincere as they can possible be. And reiterate that this survey will take less than 2 minuts to fill in because they will just neet do slide the bar and no open questions are made. So they will not take a lot of their time to do this and will not impact on their works.

Then, as the survey creator, and as your team responds, you receive an email per reply notifying you that you have one more result and you can analyze the results (by clicking on the green buttom "View Results". At the end of having all (or almost all) the participations, you close the survey:

And you get a results page like this:

As you can see, whoever put the name is identifiable with their answer, you have the result per person and the overall result in the team with the legend next to the colors.

Right away, you realize that, despite the global average being positive, there is one person who is in the red and maybe you had no idea. So, taking into account your context, you can think of concrete actions to implement in your team that aim to improve the environment, motivation, and morale.

You can decide to make a team-building or if you have a lot of reds or yellows, schedule 1:1 meetings so you can have an honest conversation with each one of your team members and figure out what is happing and what you can do to improve their morale as a team.

Also, this information helps you a lot determine what type of retrospective to do. If you need more retrospective ideas, check this article out:

Check if you are not making these 2 common mistakes:

You can also do the other TeamMetrics survey, which is the Motivating Potential, which has the same format but will help you understand your team's motivation, but the survey is bigger and have more slides to move. If you want, leave me a comment so I can do a step-by-step as I did with Team Morale or just try it because... you guessed it, it's free!! 😊

In addition, when creating the survey, the company discloses other tools that you can analyze if they make sense for you and your team.

Take advantage of these free tools and create these quick surveys with some frequency so you can follow the evolution of your team because knowledge is power!

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