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Can you live without your phone

by stephanie cetoute about a month ago in social media · updated 16 days ago
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and social media for one days.

Can you live without your phone
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Technology at changes everything. A long time ago, you used to do her daily routine totally differently. When you wake up in the morning, the first things you did, take a deep, go to the bathroom did your things, and prepare some tea or coffee. Sit down and relax a little bit. At that time technology was not that popular.

People were more watching the news or reading papers. They have time to socialize with one another. They keep their families' problems private. They did not need people to tell them what to do in their relationship. Children had to go outside to play. They did not need an iPod or computer all the time. Parents had time with children. Nobody stays on the phone or iPod when they are eaten. Back then, they enjoy quality time together as a family. They have organized game night. The phone was not the priority for most people at that time.

You can see now, that people could not live without phones. When you asked someone what did you do when you woke up in the morning. The majority of the people will tell you first thing is to look at their phone to see if they have messages and what is going on in the world. Their phone became the first priority.

Social media is another factor that destroys life today. A lot of people focus a lot on social media. Their life became toxic. No privacy for them. They drag everything on social media. No respect for others. Even you can not trust anyone with your secret. Because if by chance you have a problem with someone and the person knows some secret about you. She will go live and tell everyone your duty secret.

Technology changes people's perspectives in life. Imagine you have a family dinner, and everybody has their phone in their hand. They can not focus without going on their phone. Sometimes you see people need help on the street, people take their phones to video the scene before they call for help. Imagine the society that we live in now. Even children focus on their iPods more than going out to play with their friends.

Parents need to be careful with their children. Always monitor them to see what they are doing on social media. A lot of crazy things happen. Your problem in your relationship sometimes can be compromised if both of them sit down to talk about the issue. If you go on social media and spill the tea what do you think can happen? It will get worse. Learn to keep your private life on social media.

Do not allow your phone or social media to consume you. I know with the advanced technology everything became online. But you need to set boundaries and time for yourself. Sometimes take days to rest without going on your phone. Our brains need that. People take their life for granted. You will never know what going to happen tomorrow. Take time for your friends and family. Make game night for the family. Play and watch a movie together. Put your phone down for a while, and disconnected from social media for a bit. Focus on your body, your mind, and your soul.

how things are going now, technology will be more advanced. Every day they had to try to discover more features. Teaches yourself that phone and social media are not an idol for you. You can live without them for a few days. Social media is a platform that can make you or break you. It depends on how you used it.

Do not put a lot on social media. Keep your life and your children private. They will always have a new development in technology. It is up to you to know how you will manage your life. I understand that phones and social media are the Centre of our daily lives. but you are the one to choose how to separate your life and social media. Live your life to the fullest.

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  • Eyitemi Nurain18 days ago

    Thanks for the insights

  • Relevant and interesting article to read. Thank you!

  • Very good message conveyed

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