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Buying Myself Flowers

Inspired by Miley Cyrus's new song

By Nicole H ChiuPublished 21 days ago 3 min read
Buying Myself Flowers
Photo by Carrie Beth Williams on Unsplash

Miley Cyrus and Shakira are showing us that in 2023, we’re not crying about past betrayals. We’re not crying about shitty people. We are going to capitalize on emotional pain and trauma and turn it into relatable anthems that get us the bag and keep us empowered!

It’s been so refreshing that the collective consciousness - men, women and non-binary alike - are resonating with these demonstrations of feminine power and strength. The overcoming of betrayal, where a pure and innocent heart that once trusted, was taken for granted and a previously honourable relationship was then dishonoured.

When people started asking “What happened to chivalry?” - well, chivalry would include NOT cheating if you’re in a monogomous, committed relationship. So really the chilvary died when men started cheating. (And, yes, sure, not all men - but a lot of men, and yes, sometimes women).

This is the year that women are taking back the narrative. This is the year of the Woman’s Gaze -

“I can buy myself flowers. I can hold my own hand.” These lyrics would’ve been empowering without further context, but to know that it is also a rebuttal to Bruno Mar’s “I should’ve bought you flowers and held your hand” - Absolute weapon.

Shakira - though I can’t understand Spanish, I got the translations real quick on my Tik Tok fyp, and yes even without understanding Spanish, it’s a bop. And she looks in her element, she’s full of vitality and she’s thriving without him.

It doesn’t really matter to me that she’s comparing Rolexes to Casios and Ferrari’s to - whatever the other car is, I’d never heard of it!

Then to learn more and more about the scandals surrounding these songs. That the “other woman” was allegedly eating out of Shakira’s own fridge and that’s how she found out?! Are you kidding me?! The audacity?! - Most people cheat at a hotel, or somewhere else - this is a house that is shared not only amongst yourselves as husband and wife, but Shakira and (Pique) have two young boys! It’s absolute madness that he would bring the mistress home. We are all just as angry for Shakira as we are to find out for Miley - the betrayal was allegedly at least 14 times - in the house that the music video was filmed in?! Are you kidding, Liam Hemsworth?!

This is like when Taylor Swift’s Swifties reacted, once again, to Jake Gyllenhaal and all her other exes every time she drops a new album or song alluding to those past relationships. We are in horror at the audacity of these “boys” - they are NOT men.

You didn’t hold the space for your woman. You didn’t hold the space for your family. You completely shatted on your Vows or implied intentions for commitment. It’s dishonourable behaviour. And these women deserved better.

Nobody deserves the level of public humiliation and embarrassment these singers had to endure when the initial tabloid gossip and leaking of infidelity got out. If the marriage isn’t working - either break up, or work on it - don’t cheat. It’s just that simple.

The popularity of the songs are showing how much these empowerment anthems are resonating - even if you're happily married now, it might still remind you of a past toxic ex.

I've seen divorced women on my Tik Tok fyp saying, "Thank you, thank you Miley! For creating this song!" It is the positivity and validation they didn't even realise they needed.

Women are not accepting bad behaviour in relationships in 2023. We will buy our own damn flowers. We know what colours and smells we like, anyway!

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  • Official Behlicabout 11 hours ago

    I like the idea, might try it!

  • ✨ Paari ✨8 days ago

    Well said! 😊

  • On point and entertaining style, I enjoyed reading this. Happy to subscribe to your work!

  • Pryor Da costa15 days ago

    Great story.

  • Isobel 16 days ago

    Self-care ultimately revolves around the idea of intentionally taking the time to care for yourself.

  • Burn Book19 days ago

    'This is the year that women are taking back the narrative. This is the year of the Woman’s Gaze' That part right there ⭐

  • Very well written! I subscribed!

  • This is nice❤️👍💯🎯I like miley❗❗

  • bushra bibi20 days ago

    Very interesting good article

  • C. H. Richard20 days ago

    Love these songs and the content of your article. Once that trust is gone it's gone. Love your ending line too. Hearted and subscribed 🌺

  • test20 days ago

    I didn’t know Miley had new music. I just listened to the song and saw the album is coming, how exciting! I love what you said about capitalizing on pain, haha. That is the most any artist can hope for.

  • "a previously honourable relationship was then dishonoured" is a common theme for many people, myself included. I'm sure volumes could easily be filled based on this topic.

  • Jason Gott20 days ago

    It is hard. The trick is to learn from your past good and bad. Don't forget what bad thing happened. Leave it in the past!!! You cannot turn back the clock of time. Nore change anything that's happened. You've learnt from the mistake so don't make it again!!!! Like the quote of the family from the childrens movie, "Meet The Robinson's". "Keep moving forward." Why waste all that time being upset?? Focus on the things that make you feel good, the things that make you happy. Hugs and kisses Jase @dragonreader71 Instagram oooxx Happiness Joy and Pleasure is Good Life is Good Life is what Pleasure is all about not money

  • Nelis Thuo20 days ago

    Great content

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