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Building On Fire

Middletown CT

By Ina ZeneliPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

I finally was able to fall asleep at 2. am in the morning on February 29th, 2024. In my sleep, a weird sound of something piping in continuing was bothering my ears. I was telling myself to wake up, wake up Ina. But my body was so tired, from studying all the time from morning until the next day. I just wanted to sleep a little more, what is the worst that can happen?

My mind was fighting with my body, saying "Wake up! You have to wake up now! Something bad is going to happen. Without understanding what was happening, I started to stand up from my son's bed. Dragging my body like a sleepy zombie went from the small hall down to the bedroom. The distance was shorter than five steps. I woke up my husband so he could check what was that sound. It was a weak one, but I felt that something was not right. Klevin woke up in scare mode, like "What?! Where?! How?! Went like lightning to see through the window. From his terrified look, I could tell it was bad...He ran to the stars, came back right away, and shouted:

"Get out! Fire is all over the building! Get out!"

Tried to remain calm without showing panic, woke him up. In three seconds, we were out. Frozen, breathless standing next to one of our cars looked at the fire. The fire was huge, and the wind was speeding it up. From the third floor was going down to the second. Looked around for firefighters, but they were not there yet. Scared for our belongings prayed that it to be over soon. My husband moved one car to a farther parking spot. Despite that, we were not moving, staying like a tree. Unsure, of what he was doing. Then he was yelling from his lungs:

"Take the car and come over here. Hurry!"

Waite, I did not have the keys and not even the phone to tell him that.

After shouting senselessly, he ran to give us the key.

Okay, here we are, inside the car. Where the hell do I put the key? From the darkness, I could not see a thing. Moving around blindly, finally found it. At the back of the car, Oliver was shaking from the cold but not only. Feeling anxious and panicked he let out some words:

"I am cold, Mom!"

"I know sweety. Everything is going to be fine. The car will warm you up in a minute. "

I knew that he was not really cold. He was scared. We were just sleeping, and this happened. Too much to bear...

The windows car were too dark. Definitely, could not see how to park. However, tried, back and forward but in the end gave up. So, I just left it to the P marsh. Afterward, I quickly, went to the other car to grab extra clothes for Oliver. At the end of the bag, grabbed only a hoodie, the only thing that we could find in a terrible situation.

Klevin told me he had to go back and take the gold pieces of jewelry, school laptop, and documents. My mission was to drive to my sister-in-law's house and be safe.

"Please leave everything! The most important is that we are safe, please." I called him from afar.

For a second, saw him get through the fire, then he vanished. The flames were like monsters, eating the wood in one bite after making it disappear in thin air. So, I had to leave. Slowly driving away, it was impossible to get out of this spiderweb. There were at least four ambulances, over six firetrucks, and two police cars with no space to drive in it. As I stood there helplessly, a hundred different thoughts came to me.

"Was he okay? Where did he go? Will he make it out alive?", horrified my mind was running.

Staring at the flames, I saw a person running. When I looked closer, saw Klevin running out wounded and ashes covering his body. Came towards the car and guided me to get out of that crossroad. There we were, just the two of us out of that tremendous chaos. He was not following us back, he stayed behind, helping out as much as he could...


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