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Blake McCoy Shares Best Practices on Social Media to Boost Awareness | Chicago, IL

As an active member of the community, Blake McCoy explains some effective social media practices.

By Blake McCoyPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Social media has made it easy for nonprofits to reach their goals and engage with their target audiences. As more people use digital devices, they are more likely to interact with nonprofits. There are many ways to use social media to grow a nonprofit, and here are best practices that will help you do so.

Set Rules and Expectations

Before implementing any changes, it’s important that a clear set of policies and guidelines is established. This will help prevent confusion and ensure that the organization follows proper procedures.

Your guidelines should also cover topics such as grammar and spelling. Clearly, understanding your brand voice can help you create compelling content. Your brand voice should also reflect your organization’s mission and values. For instance, some nonprofits use a more professional and formal tone, while others have a more playful one.

Make Profiles

When creating profiles, make sure that they include your contact information, website link, and location. Your profile should also be easy to navigate and contain a short bio explaining your organization’s mission. In addition, use your company’s logo as the picture for your profile.

Create Quality Content

The best content is shareable. Your audience is eager to consume this type of content on their social media accounts. While there is no secret formula to creating shareable content, certain posts are often shared more than others. These include things such as images, videos, and infographics.

Start a Conversation

Social media platforms aim to provide a space for people to interact with each other. One way to start a conversation is by sharing articles about your industry or asking your audience for their feedback. You should also be open to going deep with your questions. These can be used to provoke discussion and create engaging content.

Interact with Followers

Interacting with your followers is also important on social media. It can help you build a stronger relationship and keep them engaged. You can also react to and interact with your followers by either liking or responding to their comments. Re-sharing content from their accounts is another way to engage with them. Sharing content from your users can inspire others to get involved and care about you.


Blake McCoy has established a career as a skilled broadcast journalist. Blake has anchored top-rated newscasts in Washington, DC, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and Boise, ID. As a recognizable face delivering news to those communites, Blake McCoy has looked for ways to give back and highlight important causes. Blake also spent several years as a Correspondent for NBC News, traveling the country reporting for Nightly News, TODAY, and MSNBC.

Alongside his professional career, Blake McCoy is focused on giving back and supporting his community. He is involved with multiple charities and organizations, both as a volunteer and donor. Blake has co-hosted the annual Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure, a Mother’s Day event that raises millions for breast cancer awareness and research and draws more than 50,000 people.

Blake McCoy was also Ambassador for Dining Out For Life Minnesota, an annual event that partners with local restaurants to raise money for HIV/AIDS resources. In his role as Ambassador, Blake leveraged his position at KARE 11 to generate excitement and raise awareness. On the day of the event, Blake visited as many restaurants as possible to thank the owners, greet diners, and take photographs which were then used to promote the local restaurants. A symbiotic boost to everyone involved and an annual event that helped forge new ties within the community.

Throughout his career, Blake McCoy has tapped personal connections to help inform and direct his giving.

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Blake McCoy

Blake McCoy is a dynamic, engaging broadcast journalist with a depth of experience. As a network news correspondent, Blake has traveled the country sharing stories of human triumph and tragedy, struggle and perseverance.

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