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Best Parts of Being an Intern

These are the the greatest things about interning.

By David LasherPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

There are many pros to being an intern at a company. Most people think that the "intern" doesn't do much but I am here to explain why interns do more than you would think. For example, whenever the office needs someone to get Starbucks, the intern is there to do it. Also, whenever someone needs to take out the trash, the intern is there. In my previous experiences as an intern, I have noticed that watching other peoples' work ethic and seeing what they are doing is very helpful. Also, in the office, there are going to be some people that you don't like or are not particularly happy to answer to. You need to just accept it and deal with it. Your there to gain experience and learn the business. DO WHAT IS TOLD AT ALL TIMES! When the boss says something, listen carefully. They don't like it when they have to repeat themselves. I know from experience. That movie reference was needed for laughing purposes only. In addition, I have seen many instances where an intern doesn't get paid the most attention. Learning how to feel comfortable with that is key. You don't want to get down because you aren't being called a lot.

Students who want to achieve more in their career should consider doing an internship at some point in their college years. An internship will help them develop the qualities and skills that are considered to be essential to get a job and perform well in it.

In fact, research shows that getting an internship may be the easiest way to find a job in the long term run. A 2013 study, by The Atlantic, found that 63.1 percent of students who had done a paid internship had received at least one job offer, and 37 percent of unpaid interns overall had the same result which is 1.8 percentage points more than students who never interned.

Here are some ways that being an intern is very beneficial to your future.

#1) It Takes Your Career Plan for a Test Drive

As an intern, you will have the chance to assess if your chosen career is suited to your needs. In fact, this may be your only chance to find out what it's like to work in your chosen field and, as such, help you decide whether you want to pursue it or not. If you decide that you hate it, then you still have some time to change your mind or follow another career path that you are more likely to enjoy.

#2) It Allows You to Experiment

The good thing about being an intern is that it allows you to experiment with your working style. An internship is the first opportunity you get to figure out how to work efficiently and prepare yourself for the real world; this is the time when you take your notebook and write down what you see and what you think is or isn’t working. To make the most out of your internship you need to observe how other people work, assess their working styles and figure out your own.

#3) It Boosts Your Résumé

Getting good grades is important, although these alone cannot guarantee you will get a job right after graduation. Becoming an intern, though, will give you the edge you need as a skilled candidate and will make your résumé more powerful. An internship will help you build up work experience as well as those skills that are essential in your field.

#4) It Gives You Valuable Experience

An internship will allow you to experience things from a different perspective. You will meet people who think differently and have opposing opinions. Not only will this enable you to grow, but it will also help you become more mature. Essentially an internship is in itself an experience or something that you can talk about with your friends. In fact, it can even be a story that you can tell to potential employers when you are hoping to land a job. It should help them understand that you have come to learn how businesses work and what you can offer them.

#5) It Can Help You Earn More Money

As a student, you are probably going to be low on cash and possibly looking for a part-time job. While this can be an excellent way to earn more money, it’s not the only one. Not every internship pays, but you might be lucky enough to find a paid internship in your field. This would mean that you will be learning valuable career skills in your chosen field and getting paid for it. In fact, you could be earning as much as $16.35 per hour, which is the average amount of money undergraduate interns get, according to NACE.


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