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Best Desktop DTF Printers in the Market

Why Choosing Desktop DTF Printer

By Sasho GjorevskiPublished about a month ago 3 min read

When it comes to machines for printing textiles, desktop DTF printers are more popular and have more advantages than screen printing and thermal sublimation printing.

Screen printing is not suitable for small businesses due to its nature and complex production process.

Thermal sublimation printing is very convenient and widely used, but if clothing is used, it must be taken into account that the fabric will have some limitations.

Although the desktop DTG is also very convenient and easy to operate, there are still some manufacturers who cannot print non-pure cotton fabric.

Because of all this, if you want to choose a machine for printing clothes, the best option is a DTF printer.

This is especially important for manufacturers who make and sell clothes in small quantities as a side business.

What they need most is probably not a mass production machine, but a desktop DTF printer.

Popular Desktop DTF Printers

Epson L1800 is one of the most popular DTF printers.

The small body, with the function of small series production can meet the needs when it comes to smaller printing needs.

The biggest advantages of this printer are: A3+ borderless photo printing, top savings, unsurpassed print quality, designed for high productivity.

In the process of using the Epson L1800, users have different ways of using it and different working habits, so both good and bad reviews can be heard.

If you really want to buy it, it is recommended to go to the seller to see the actual working process of the machine.

The Epson L18050 is available in several sizes and is best suited for thermal sublimation printing.

But it can be modified so that it can be used as DTF printer, but it is still in testing phase and not 100% modified.

All settings must be completed to ensure normal operation as DTF printer in the future.

The hybrid SureColor F2100 also from Epson provides direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to-film (DTF Film) solutions, as well as a complete line of commercial and industrial professional printing solutions.

The SureColor F2100 offers hybrid capabilities for DTG and DTF printing on thin film with outstanding quality, reliability and versatility.

The Sublistar DTF-A3+ STAR IV DTF printer is also very popular.

For many years, this company is producing high quality textile printing machines.

This desktop DTF printer fits the perfect concept of "light investment" and is ideal DTF printer for entry-level printing companies and personal customization.

It is very suitable for individuals, small shops and other places and can be quickly adapted to any space.

In addition to the many advantages that this printer has, and is very important - the automatic cleaning of the nozzles.

This option prevents the risk of blockage of nozzles, resulting in higher printing productivity.

It has the function of heating the print head, which prevents it from clogging due to the cooling of the ink in the ink tube of the head, and therefore the printing is smoother.

It needs less maintenance time, has lower production costs which brings more profit for companies.

The Sublistar DTF-A3+ Ultra A is another small printer that has great features.

Equipped with the latest Epson-I1600 print head, with excellent performance.

Available in 2 sizes: 12 inches (300 mm) and 18 inches (450 mm).

This printer too has a lot of advantages, such as speed adjustment according to production needs, quality print, low energy consumption, environmental protection.

Advantages of a desktop DTF printer

Desktop DTF printers belonging to a high quality class should have complete functions and obvious advantages.

In addition to some of the above features, the machine should have:

Support for a variety of print media

A good DTF printer should support different dtf films to transfer material such as metallic gold film, metallic silver film, and metallic interstellar silver film, to meet the needs of different users.

Intelligent operating interface

The friendly operating interface and intelligent management system can reduce the threshold of use and improve the user experience.

Environmental protection and energy saving

Choosing a DTF printer with low energy consumption and low emissions not only helps to reduce operating costs, but also helps to protect the environment.

There is no absolute answer as to which desktop DTF printer is currently the best on the market.

Since everyone's needs and budget are different, the best printer for you will be different.

The above is only a comparative analysis of the major brands and models in the market, to find a desktop DTF printer with excellent performance in terms of performance, functions, price and user rating.


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