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At 1:00 in the morning, a circle of friends of the emergency doctor became popular: no job is not hard, get through it

by david 4 months ago in career
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There is no job without hard work, get through it

In recent days, a video has gone viral on the Internet.

Hangzhou in the early morning.

I thought it was a quiet night, but I didn't think that someone's day was not over yet, and someone's day had already begun.

At 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, the office buildings in the CBD were brightly lit. There were girls who just got off work in the elevator. Their expressions were a little tired, and they said "too tired" while getting on the car home.

At 1 o'clock, the stall downstairs has not yet closed, and the stall owner is waiting for everyone who is busy until the early morning, giving them a touch of warmth from the dark night.

At 2 o'clock, the construction workers have already started to go to work, and they don't want to go to work so early, but some jobs can only be done at this time.

At 4:00 in the morning, it suddenly rained heavily in Hangzhou, but at this time in the wholesale vegetable market, the security guards started to work, and the laborers started to unload the goods. Everything was in order.

At 6 o'clock in the morning, the early subway train has already started running. Some people are rushing along with heavy luggage, and some people are rushing to catch the train.

At this time, the subway was full of people who had not fully woken up from their sleep.

Every late night you don't know, there is always a group of people working hard for their dreams or their livelihoods.

You say they work hard, of course.

If you don't have to worry about food and clothing, who wants to turn day and night upside down?

In this world, there are many people who work hard for a living.

In this life, no one's life is easy.

Writing this, I remembered that I had insomnia a while ago, and saw a circle of friends posted by an emergency doctor.

He said that he had been a doctor for 5 years. He was used to seeing the warmth and affection of human beings. He had experienced life and death, but he could not help crying out in the middle of the night.

That day, he arranged the afternoon and evening shifts, hurriedly finished lunch and went to work, but he did not expect that there were so many patients that day, and he was busy until the evening before he had time to breathe.

I wanted to go back to the duty room to rest for a while after the meal, but before the meal was in hand, someone was sent in.

The visitor is a mother and daughter. The mother is a single mother who lives alone with her 3-year-old child after the divorce.

Because she doesn't have a stable job, she relied on cutting videos during the day and live streaming at night, barely maintaining her and her children's expenses.

On the day of the accident, she had actually coaxed the child to fall asleep. Because she was in a hurry to tidy up the living room, she hurriedly closed the door.

Unexpectedly, after waking up, the child stumbled to find his mother, accidentally fell, and was stabbed in the abdomen by the courier knife on the ground.

Suddenly, the child burst into tears, and the blood pierced through the mother's sanity. She found clothes to quickly wrap the child, and went downstairs to stop the car.

It was difficult to stop the car late at night. In her panic, she forgot to bring her mobile phone. Later, with the help of the security guard, she dialed 120 and took the child to the nearest hospital.

The mother had been banging her head against the wall as she waited for surgery in the hospital.

She blamed herself for being incompetent, for not taking good care of her children, and for letting her suffer like this at a young age.

She wanted to ruin her family and save her children, but she could check the balance of her bank card, but it was only a little over 10,000 yuan.

Helpless, she kept slapping herself, curled up in the corner of the hospital and wept bitterly.

The emergency doctor said he was heartbroken when he saw the mother's desperate look.

This world seems to have never been kind to some people.

But whose life can be much easier than who?

Especially in recent years, many people have lost their jobs and their income has dropped sharply.

With the mortgage and car loan on their heads and the expenses of a family on their backs, they ran around and never dared to stop.

Under the scorching sun, some people climbed up and down, repaired the pipes, and ensured that the electricity was flowing.

Because of the special nature of their work, they had to bring enough food when they went to the tower, and when they were resting, they ate and drank water in a high school that was dozens of meters away.

The sun is above them, and the sky is under their feet.

Someone ran a ride-hailing ride with a sick child.

Because his son has polio and is left unattended at home, the father has to let the child sit in the front row.

Caring for a sick child while driving.

Worried about passenger complaints, he posted a note on the passenger seat, hoping everyone would understand.

Some people, obviously already old, in order to make a little more money, still go to the background of the scenic spot.

The road up the mountain is not easy to walk. In order to carry a little more water, the uncles often have to kneel first and then stand up.

The baskets behind them are full, and their spines have long been bent.

How much suffering they have to endure along the way, only they know.

Some people went up the mountain to pick bayberry in the early morning.

The lamp overhead illuminates the field and reflects the stars in the distance.

You say they work hard?

Of course hard work.

Do you see their work in danger?

Of course it's dangerous.

But this job is the foundation for them to live and live. They can afford the expenses of schooling for their children at home and the expenses of their elderly parents to see a doctor.

The job at hand, where they work hard and make little money, is all they depend on for their lives.

But what if you don't do that?

A generation has a mission for a generation, and everyone has everyone's hardships to suffer.

In life, everyone will experience ups and downs several times.

A few days ago, I went back to my hometown and got together with my friends who had a good relationship in high school.

He is in his early 30s and works for a small business in his hometown.

The salary is not high, the work is cumbersome, and sometimes the money earned is not enough to spend, and he has to run an online car-hailing after get off work to supplement his family.

Before joining this company, I was thinking of accumulating some experience, and then I could jump to a bigger company.

Unexpectedly, the experience was accumulated, but the epidemic was encountered.

Several big companies that can jump are tightening their business, and his company has generally cut wages because of revenue problems.

He tossed and slept countless times in the middle of the night, thinking about resigning and walking away, but in the end he was defeated by reality.

The wife does not have a job, the children need milk powder, the elderly need to take medicine, and the mortgage and car loan are all expensive.

He told me, there's no way, with a heavy load, who would dare to toss easily?

Although the current salary is low, it can be credited to the card on time every month.

What is the dream of youth, and what is the grievance and resentment in the chest?

When a person reaches middle age, everyone has to bow to reality for five buckets of rice.

It is said that the world is in a panic, but the picture is a few taels of silver.

The few taels of silver left the young man infected with vicissitudes, adding hesitation to his longing, and causing the world to ignore the moonlight.

But a few taels of silver can relieve the world's melancholy, protect the well-being of parents, and protect the growth of young children.

Those bright and beautiful on the surface all have their teeth gritted behind them; those that seem to be smooth sailing have experienced unknown ups and downs behind them.

There is a saying in "Island Bookstore":

"In everyone's life, there is the most difficult year. When you pass it, your life will become a vast plateau."

I think for us, maybe the same.

In the face of life, everyone is as hard as a clown to make a living, but it is precisely because of such hard work that they have built up strong safe havens for their families.

In this world, there has never been a job that is not hard, and there is never a place that is not complicated.

whatever you are going through.

The fire in your heart should never be extinguished, even if others can only see the smoke.

Don't panic, the sun goes down and there is moonlight, and when the moonlight goes dark, there is the rising sun, day and night alternate, there is always joy.

Your vulnerability and strength are beyond imagination.

Although life is hard, if you have a dream, you will have a head start. Although there is a long way to go, there will be hope if you persist.


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