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AR- Remote Support, keeping people connected during COVID-19

AR Remote Assistance continuing to effectively offer distance solutions to companies across the borders

By Linda MalecajPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
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It is quite clear that now the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to a health and humanitarian crisis, has brought as well a quite challenging era for businesses operating in various fields. Companies are facing serious consequences that this pandemic has caused, in most cases even bankruptcy. Every day, company executives face the challenge of finding a balance for the operation of the businesses they own and planning scenarios for potential risks that could lead to many more issues. We can see that nowadays planning strategies to deal with this pandemic that has affected the whole world has become the main goal of many companies in order to ensure their continuity in the market.

What makes it even more challenging to ensure the continuity of businesses is that already this new reality is shaped by complexity and uncertainty. This makes businesses somehow to act faster in being adopted to the new conditions. The problem lies in the fact that this new reality that has come furiously sometimes during the tries of businesses to be adopted, pushes them to make even wrong decisions. While disrupting business operations costs millions of dollars, what is currently being seen as a solution is remote working. Overcrowded offices are now an old reality, the importance of remote collaboration has transcended boundaries making many business executives see it as a very effective solution. As we see that new cases of COVID-19 are increasing and travel is being banned again, the provision of distance work remains the main key for the continuation of many processes. Many businesses operating around the world are adopting massive and widely this remote working.

There are hundreds of thousands of experts who find it impossible to be on the field to address various problems and ensure their solutions. But now all this can be solved through Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This technology brings remote support to another level. AR annotations and streaming live videos provide the real-time linkage between the headquarters expert to the field operators where the work is being performed, or even to the customers that might be located all around the world. AR Remote Support enables both parties to visually direct and collaborate, in addition, to distribute between each other materials such as photos, 3D objects, and also documents such as pdf that can be even in large size. Now, this Remote Support is making it possible to bring all employees as well as clients to the same desk, in order to be able to address problems by giving them immediate solutions. All of this keeps people connected, thus disseminating knowledge that challenges boundaries while also minimizingthe need to travel.

In today's conditions, AR Remote Support has reached an extensive range of business applications, including technical support, inspection processes, and maintenance repairing. All this usefulness is appearing in a wide range of industries. What attracts every business is the ability of this AR-based collaboration to immediately provide essential and enhanced knowledge without the need for various bureaucracies related to travel or delays that may be caused. Let’s look more specifically at how AR Remote Support as one of the most sought-after technologies of the moment can be used by ignoring the location distance of thousands of kilometers.

Technical Support

Through AR Remote Support experts are able to identify the many and unexpected technical problems that may arise. Through live-streamed videos they are able to analyze in real-time the environment where the field workers are located, guiding them through the right instructions in safe steps, which leads to accurate solutions without endangering the field operators. The use of this remote results in a faster and more effective resolution eliminating the need for possible distractions that occur during the verification of instruction manuals.

Field Services

AR Remote Support enables field workers and not only, but also clients to access data and guidance in the fastest possible way. The right guidance is very necessary especially during critical situations that can cause interruptions in the process as a whole. Fieldworkers with immediate access to the right information manage problematic situations in the best possible way, successfully completing their tasks efficiently as well. This also increases their engagement which directly affects the improvement of their productivity while performing their tasks in the field.

Employee Training

What is seen as another challenge in many industries is the lack of specialized employees due to many factors such as the retirement of experts who have the necessary experiences. This is an impetus leading to the training of inexperienced workers for complex and difficult situations. Through AR Remote Support, it is now possible that in addition to speeding up the onboarding process of new employees, their training can also be achieved. This training in the distance makes it possible to visually present the real situations that may arise. In this way, the traditional way of training is eliminated by offering another option more effective and fruitful for the future.

From what we mentioned above, the situation of COVID-19 has made us more aware of the importance of collaboration in distance and its significance to help us stay connected. It's quite obvious that companies are easily embracing this remote to keep their businesses alive and to secure their competitive position in the market. What is predicted is that now with the new changes that have taken place globally, AR Remote Assistance will continue for a long time to effectively offer distance solutions to companies by eliminating the borders.


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Linda Malecaj

Marketing Specialist at Vsight: Remote Help and Maintenance with Augmented Reality.

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