All My Projects

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Yeah.. There's a lot

All My Projects

So, there's a lot going on in my life. From mom to writer, graphic designer to farm hand. There's more than I thought there would be, but I'm rolling along with it. I wanted to take a moment and share links to some of my projects and see if anyone else wants to share their own projects.


There is always a story rolling around in my head. (Most of the time there are two or three.) Currently I have eight published books. Most of them are paranormal romance, but one is historical interactive romance. I'm working on finishing up the Star Crossed Series, which is a collection of novellas following the lives of two modern day magic users. They live a life of privilege, but for them that comes with big responsibilities.

The final book in the series comes out in Jan 2020 and I'm really excited. Knot in Destiny will be the finally story staring Meredith and Malcolm, but I have a side story working its way onto the pages also.

Find out more about my fiction on my website.

Or on my blog.

Graphic Design

As an art student turned author my first choice for my book covers was, of course, to learn how to do it myself! I'm still learning but I do enjoy it and even offer some pre made covers for sale.

All of the covers for my books, save those in the Saving Grace Series, I made myself. I started out using GIMP, but have moved to using Paint.Net over the last few years. There are a wealth of free stock photos sites out there to search for images.

I have a lot of fun playing with the different effects and learning new things. So, this helps reconnect to the once upon a time of my would be art major.

If you're interested in checking out my pre made covers you can go to Q's Cover Creations.


My daughter has worked her way into having chickens. For the last two weeks I've been caring for four baby chickens, hoping and dreaming that my little girl will live up to her end of the deal. There is a lot that goes into having and raising chickens. I've had to do a good bit of research, as has my daughter.

While the chicks are here we're still in limbo about a coop. I'm going to let her and her father work this one out.

You can keep up with that adventure here by staring with the first article: "Backyard Chickens: The Beginning."

Cats & Dogs + Me

It's my mom/ crafter/ pet lover/ family cook blog. It's not much and I really need to update it, starting with the Halloween costume my daughter is wanting. I also post up information about food, money saving tricks, pet care, and anything interesting I come across. It also secretly has a post hidden unless I share the link. That would be my wish list. Ladies and gents I'll share an idea. You know how people, husbands/ wives/ moms/ whoever will ask what you want for birthdays/ Chistmas/ Mother's Day/ Father's Day. Have a hidden post on your blog with your wish list and just text the link when asked. Easy!

Check out Cats & Dogs + Me.

A Shout Out

Just a quick shout out to some great friends and fellow creatives:

All Things Impossible Fantasy Series

This author is awesome and really going places. I just love her style. Find out more here.


She's an up and coming YouTuber. Her videos range, but right now she's working on makeup styles and such. Check her out here.

Jessie White
Jessie White
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