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All About HR Transformation: A Critical Driver of Your Business Growth in 2024

HR Transformation is essential for driving business growth in 2024.

By NYGGS AutomationPublished 27 days ago 6 min read

Nearly 87% of businesses believe developing a good workplace model is critical to success. Yet there is a striking gap, with only 24% of businesses feeling ready to embrace this change.

Imagine spending less time on manual processes and more time on what really matters: building a thriving workplace culture. HR transformation is the concept that allows you to achieve a thriving work culture.

Additionally, digital transformation in HR isn't just about technology. It's about developing a strategy with solutions for workforce automation, engagement, and monitoring analytics. This blog explores what this concept is all about and the key elements that will drive HR transformation in 2024.

What is HR Transformation?

Before diving into the world of HR digital transformation and the key elements to developing it, let's lay the groundwork by truly grasping what it means.

HR transformation refers to the process of revamping and modernising human resources functions and strategies. This evolution to adapt to new technologies allows companies to address modern challenges. Additionally, HR tools provide sufficient administrative capability to generate a competitive advantage.

Think of it as using techniques to improve social media reach, but instead of adding relevant hashtags, we're focusing on bettering HR processes for the success of the whole organisation. By doing this, HR becomes a strategic partner, not just an administrative department. Pretty simple, right?

Why is HR Transformation Important?

Staying up-to-date with the latest technology is vital. But as we all know, technology advances quickly, and it's easy to fall behind. Having the latest technology and real-time data in a secure environment is urgent for any industry. It helps you stay up-to-date and compete in today's market. In the same way, adopting digital transformation in HR streamlines operations and empowers your workforce to grow, ensuring your success in the future.

Further, HR transformation is critical for many other reasons, mainly:

1. Greater Efficiency and Productivity

Many tasks become more efficient and productive when digital technology helps speed them up and streamline them. Robotic process automation, for example, can outperform humans on many repetitive processes. IBM showed bots that completed tasks 20 times faster than humans and generally don't make mistakes like people.

2. Better Resource Management

As companies transform, they replace legacy systems that serve individual business units with modern IT architectures designed to consolidate processes. This affects all HR departments digitally, where data flows more efficiently. Experts indicate that the end-to-end digital technology approach helps eliminate duplicate and superfluous tasks as well as associated costs.

3. More Resilience

Companies with digital HR build a digital culture that helps them adapt better and faster to the market. But it goes further because it even favours adaptation to dramatic social and economic upheavals, such as those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, companies can better cope with everyday business ups and downs by digitising their human resource management.

The widespread use of digital technologies, particularly cloud technology, further supports organisational resilience by offering built-in scalability. As a result, most managers recognise that the benefits of digital HR transformation will help them build a more resilient company in 2024.

When Do You Need HR Digital Transformation?

Many signs point to the need for digital transformation in HR. These include the challenging labour market, the need to change HR approaches, and the importance of digital HR tools. Additionally, HRs must not ignore strategy building to improve the employee experience. Furthermore, several other drivers contribute to the need for digital transformation in HR. These include:

• Meeting internal customer expectations, such as delivering digital HRM processes.

• The digital transformation of the industry requires HRM to adapt to new technologies and processes.

• The influence of competition is because companies need to stay competitive in the modern job market.

• The digital innovation of the government can lead to new regulations and requirements for HRM.

• Finally, the needs of the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) era, which demands agility and adaptability in HRM.

5 Key Elements to Include in the HR Transformation Process

More companies are now transforming their human resources. Choosing the appropriate digital HR platform to implement constitutes a fundamental step in this complex process. So it must be preceded, accompanied, and followed by careful planning, training, and analysis.

To succeed, an HR digital transformation process must include these elements:

1. Meet the needs of the company, the department, and the employees

A digital HR transformation process will be successful when its purpose is to solve not only the problems of the HR department but also those of the employees. Therefore, this element helps solve problems that the entire company may have.

2. Clear and Realistic Objectives

Project objectives can be simple or complex. But they should always be clear and well-defined. A simple goal could be to let employees choose their own training. You only have to give them the resources to autonomously choose between and sign up for corporate training courses. Here, online human resources play a crucial role.

3. Divide Everything into Phases

Digitising human resources must be done in stages. Each stage must be well structured, with their execution deadlines, the affected area, and possible measurements to control their correct execution before starting the next phase. If everything goes well and all the steps are followed, the digital implementation will be a success.

4. Release the Potential and Know the Requirements

Technology integration enables skills-based talent management, development, and deployment. In other words, it will unlock employees' full potential.

Therefore, it's essential to know what skills you need and have access to people who can offer them. Digitalized management helps companies ensure that people with the right skills are deployed on high-impact projects and enables critical customer problems to be solved. Additionally, total talent management digitally requires a broad, multichannel vision for the better development of HR processes.

5. Effective Communication

Undoubtedly, communication is crucial. Any task carried out in a company requires effective communication, especially if you want to implement a digital model that affects the daily lives of employees. In this way, it is necessary to consider communication tools between employees, systems, clients, or partners as part of one of the many things to implement during the digital HR transformation.

Important Online HR Tools for HR Digital Transformation in 2024

After learning about the main elements of the transformation in the HR process, let's look at the online tools needed to transform the HR department in 2024.

1. Internal Social Networks

Internal social networks aim to improve internal communication and collaboration between employees. Also, these tools promote team spirit across departments, strengthening company culture. The human resources department must favour and promote this type of internal network to increase interaction and the sense of teamwork within the company.

2. E-Learning Platforms

We live in an era of lifelong learning. It means that each person takes responsibility for their own training, upskilling, and increased knowledge of management tools. Human resources can help employees learn new skills and plan their professional projections by using e-learning platforms.

3. Payroll Management Tools

Payroll Management Software is one of the primary tools for HR transformation. These types of software usually also offer vacation tracking systems and communication channels that allow HRs to process internal documentation smoothly. The treatment of employee leaves, maternity, new hires, days off, and even overtime can be managed rigorously with this software.

4. Attendance Management Software

Keeping track of employees' work hours is essential. With remote work becoming more common, some companies may find it helpful to have software that records employee hours. This can help with digitalizing human resources.

In the 'work-from-office' setting, we know that the government requires control of the time worked. Here, Attendance Software becomes essential. Keeping track of hours worked, vacation hours, employee sick leave, and overtime or complementary hours can be automated through dedicated software.

5. Performance Evaluation and Management

Performance management software is a technology that helps understand employee productivity and overall performance. This software supports goal setting, employee appraisals, and ongoing feedback.


In summary, simply equipping HR with digital tools is not HR transformation; it's using the tools effectively and creatively to solve the problems of the whole company. It means the transformation of paper data and manual management procedures into digital data that is integrated and processed within an automated process. Beyond this, human resources digitization mainly responds to a search for efficiency: making better decisions, reducing errors, and improving performance.

Lastly, there are many HRMS tools that NYGGS provides to address these performance challenges:

• A SaaS HRMS to automate entire human resources processes,

• A chatbot to answer frequently asked questions from employees,

• An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with an AI to classify hundreds of CVs,

• A business intelligence tool to perform in-depth data analysis to boost competitiveness.


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