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Able to Succeed


Have you thought about the power of the word ABLE? Able is a word we as individuals should consider daily. We are able to do many things throughout the day but we must choose. We all have the ability to perform certain task or activities but do we choose to? This is a mindset that we as individuals must adopt in our daily lives. As mentioned, choice gives us power of life or death. We can choose to live and be action-oriented or we can choose death, not being able to feel a level of satisfaction in our life. Therefore, we must be intentional about what we do and how we do it. Knowing that we are able to do something is the start of being intentional. What are those things you are able to do? What is holding you back? These are questions we need to constantly ask ourselves.

There are two other words you must consider when thinking about being ABLE. These two words are willing and ready. Like I just mentioned, the first thing that you have to realize is that you are able to do ANYTHING you put your mind to.

Are you willing to do what is necessary? Once knowing that you are able to do, you have to decide are you willing to take the steps necessary to fulfill your goals or vision? With anything you do, it is going to require a process. The process keep you focused. The process is always the most important thing leading to an outcome. Think about a process such as getting your driver's license. There are steps you have to take as mentioned earlier. You have to study the material. Then once you are comfortable with the material, you take the written part of the exam. Once you have passed that, you take the on the road test. Going through all these steps ensure that, once successfully completed, you would be ready to be on the road. Are you willing to follow through with a process to get your anticipated outcome? The willing factor is the biggest difference with those who become success versus those who never try. Are you willing to make the decision that will change your life?

Last but not least, are you ready? In being willing, you ultimately laid the framework for implementation for the goal or vision. Being ready for something requires action. What action-steps are you planning on taking to fulfill that goal or vision? You want to develop these action-steps into an action plan. An action plan keeps us accountable for our goal or vision. Being ready is knowing you have a plan and putting action behind it. When you are ready, movement takes place. You want to make sure that not only you are moving but you have momentum. To make sure you are gaining momentum, make sure to are working daily towards your goal or vision. We all have heard “Practice make perfect." That same philosophy applies here. The more we put in to what we want to see happen, the more we will see come from it. We all should plan on being ready for our destiny. How will you be ready? What are you doing to get closer to your goal or vision? We should all want to take action on our goal or vision.

Are you able, willing, and ready to make your goal or vision prosper?

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